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“I walked downstream from Mara Plains camp, tracking lions one morning and came into a thicket, a secret grove of ebony trees. A bushbuck looked at me and carried on eating. I could hear the wildebeest moaning across the river but standing in the shade, for a moment, I was transported into paradise.” Dereck continues: “A few months later I met Chief Sayla and he said that he had on his ancestral land, the perfect site for a camp…and I knew what he was going to suggest. Mara Expedition Camp was born, the perfect, light canvas, minimal footprint camp for that ebony grove.” 

Located a few kilometres from Mara Plains, Mara Expedition Camp is on a bend in the Ntiakitiak River, hidden from everyone, but with access to the endless savannas of the Maasai Mara. It is a place where lions own the night and hippos stake their claim to territories, where leopards cough their haunting calls in the forest we share with them, the perfect hideout for this small, intimate camp, constructed with deference to the wilderness that surrounds it, and raised off the ground for minimal environmental impact.

Mara Expedition Camp’s design draws stylistic reference from the old, authentic expedition camps of a bygone era. It is the perfect blend of comfort, adventure and harmony in the camp’s five, custom-designed tents. The camp is authentic and stylish, with leather, and canvas touches everywhere and a level of service that is surprising, detailed and enjoyable. We take food seriously, even in the smaller camps and Mara Expedition Camp is no exception. From here, we access the Maasai Mara Game Reserve and the adjacent Mara North private Conservancy. Guests really enjoy the intimacy of this camp, the privacy and quiet setting, a way to really connect with Africa, wildlife and themselves.

Venture out to explore the Maasai Mara from your secluded camp from


Mara Expedition is currently closed and will reopen on the 15 May 2021

Quick Facts


Fully inclusive of all scheduled wildlife viewing activities, meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including imported spirits and champagne. Park fees and flights are additional.

Number of Guests

Mara Expedition Camp can accommodate up to 10 guests sharing in five tents. An additional guide’s tent is available.

Children from 8 years are welcome. Families will be joined by other guests on all scheduled game viewing activities. Private game drive vehicle hire is not available at this camp.


Early morning and late afternoon / early evening game drives in an open, 4×4 vehicle. Balloon flights across the Maasai Mara can be arranged but are at an additional cost.


Mara Expedition Camp is  located on the banks of the Ntiakitiak River, within a private and secluded site in Kenya’s famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

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