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Set in one of the most pristine wilderness areas left on our planet, the brand new Selinda Camp rests on the banks of the Selinda Spillway as it enters the Linyanti River. The private 130 000-hectare Selinda Reserve boasts elephants by the thousands, regular sightings of the Selinda pack of African wild dogs, and the famous Selinda Lion Pride recently feature in the National Geographic film “Birth of a Pride” by Dereck and Beverly Joubert. The area has a sense of remoteness, a true spirit of Africa, and is an excellent example of Botswana bush embodying various species and rare animals. 

The new Selinda Camp represents the meeting place of three cultures – European, Mokololo and Bayei – and is themed to resemble that of the thatched village of Sangwali, one that used to house 3,000 warriors and sufficient enough to loan David Livingstone 200 men during his travels.

Spears, shields, and an African version of Robinson Crusoe is the enduring theme throughout the camp. Its architectural design elements centre around Water, Air, Earth and Fire, all of which ground the design.

Selinda Camp’s design pays homage first and foremost to Water, with splashes of blue and crystal-clear swimming pools offering views over the equally immaculate Selinda Spillway to ease your arrival, usually by boat.

Billowing silks adorn the ceilings of the lounge area and are a tribute to Air and the afternoon breezes that ripple the endless sea of nearby grasses.

Earth is represented in the cornucopia of home-grown meals lovingly prepared in our kitchens, fresh from the earth. The bright flames of our evening Fire complete the ethos of being in harmony with nature’s natural elements.

The 2-bedroomed Selinda Suite (like its fellow Zarafa Dhow Suite and the Duba Plains Suite) operates exclusively, as guests enjoy their private vehicle, safari guide, chef, manager/butler and separate entrance to their residence. Each suite, complete with an en-suite bathroom, flanks a central indoor dining and lounge area under a raised thatch roof. The private deck allows for al fresco dining and views across the Selinda Reserve’s waterways from the privacy of a pool.

The safari drives, guided walks, boating, tracking, birding and other bespoke viewing activities place you in front of the best wildlife the area has to offer to allow for a unique one on one life-changing experience. Wildlife sightings include iconic species such as zebra, sable, roan, leopard, lion, elephant and hippo and aim to tick off as many as the 200 or more bird species in the area.

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(The above rate is based on the two-bedroom Selinda Suite, sleeping a maximum of four adults sharing, for travel during the period 11 January – 31 March 2021)

Quick Facts


The Selinda Suite is a private 2 bedroom villa with 2 swimming pools.

Rates include the services of private host, chef, game drive vehicle and guide.

Number of Guests

The 2-bedroomed Selinda Suite caters for a maximum of four adults sharing or family of 2 adults and 3 three children sharing.

Children from 6 years are welcome.


Early morning and late afternoon/early evening game drives in a private open 4×4 vehicle, guided bush walks, boat-based activities when water levels permit and in-room massages.


Northern Botswana on the 320,000-acre private Selinda Reserve.

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