A predator extravaganza at Selinda

By July 27, 2016Selinda Camp

Guide Marco Tonoli from Classic Escapes took guests to Selinda and it turned out to be the trip of dreams! Read just how incredible their days with Great Plains Conservation turned out to be.

“It is hard to imagine it, but these last few days at Selinda totally knocked our previous game viewing out of the park. It has been an incredible few days here at Selinda and we are ending our time in Botswana on an exceptionally high note. We had a pride of 15 lions on our first afternoon, busy hunting through the floodplains. On day two we spent the morning with a pack of wild dogs on a  hunt and managed to get them taking down an impala. Isaac our guide even let Zach get on the ground to shoot from ground level as they ate the impala, which was a crazy experience.

That afternoon we had a pride of lions drinking at a water hole which was a great end to the day. Day three was even better, spending the whole morning at a painted dog den with 15 pups, and then a little later we were at a water hole just as the elephant came to drink, and had the guys under the vehicle shooting the herds as over 60 elephant came to drink, play in the mud and interact all around us. They absolute loved this. The afternoon was again spent at the painted dog den and as they left hunting, we managed to get in a position as they ran down an animal path all in a line and got Zach on the floor to photograph the pack standing in a line directly in front of him. It has been his best pic yet and he is super stoked about this and reckons he is going to win BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year this year.Painted dog at Selinda Today was even crazier. We started off at the painted dog den and had the alpha female suckling the 15 pups. We later found 3 dogs on a fresh kill that moments later was stolen by three big lionesses, all right next to us. lion at SelindaWe then headed to see two male lions harassing a herd off buffalo, which eventually chased the lions away. Moments later we were in a cheetah sighting for a few moments when we heard about a leopard nearby. On getting to this leopard we spent a few minutes with her when she suddenly leaped into the air by a tree and did a full flip and caught a tree squirrel!Leopard at SelindaWe then made our way back to the cheetah and moments later we sat on a termite mound and watched a full stalk, hunt and catch of a young roan antelope. It was spectacular and right in the open.

We ended the evening with the two male lions trying to catch buffalo and saw the whole chase and attempt in action. It was a spectacular day.

To top it off, Selinda have a 111 Club challenge which is about spotting 111 species of birds in your stay and you get a special 111 Club Peak Cap, which we managed in 48 hours – apparently a record time to achieve. Our final dinner was great, and good words were shared by all. The camp has been excellent, and the staff top notch and accommodated all our requirements with a smile and efficiency. Our guide Isaac was phenomenal, and the family loved him. So overall Selinda has been the best camp yet and we have very happy guests.”