Progress reports – Mara Plains Camp and Mara Toto Camp, Kenya

BREAKING NEWS….Mara Plains & Mara Toto status report from Richard and Lorna:

We’ve done it. Mara Toto is now a fully functional seasonal camp running 100% on solar power, with no negative discharge into the environment (thanks to Biorock sewage treatment system), 5000 litres of rainwater catchment off the solar panel bank so far, all detergents and products 100% biodegradable and the entire back of house built from recycled material from Mara Plains. In the past week we have had a leopard take a monkey out of a tree by the mess tent at three in the morning, Narasha the cheetah with her two cubs hanging around within a kilometer of the camp, and the night before last a lioness sitting in the parking area watching and wondering what is going on. Our bird list has passed 30 species sighted in the camp so far.

On the Mara Plains side of things all the old pipes, wires and tanks are out of the ground and those that cannot be reused are going to Nairobi for recycling; all new ditches are dug with no roots or trees cut; the first of the tent frames is being put together today. As with Mara Toto, Mara Plains is going fully green: full sewage treatment systems; all wood used is either recycled teak railway sleepers (no trees cut down for this) or sustainable poles from gum plantations; 100% solar power and huge water catchment capacity.

Bring it on, and thank you Great Plains Conservation!

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