Refuelling at Duba Plains

Duba Plains is located in one of the most remote areas of the Okavango Delta. It is a paradise of wildlife, water and towering trees. You’re as far away from civilisation as you can be and can sit back, relax and forget about the daily grind.

However, imagine the logistics when you are on an island where all supplies need to get flown in. Imagine too how difficult it is to get  diesel and petrol stock – which cannot be flown.

Restocking these supplies is a full day’s physical work. Trucks from Maun deliver drums of fuel to the last reachable island from town which is called Four Eyes. From Duba we can only reach this by tractor and even the tractor often struggles and gets stuck. When the delta waters rise, things get ever trickier!

Have a glimpse at Duba’s petrol station:

Dubas petrol Station

And sometimes we find some strange looking things…

Sunken Landi

Which can turn into nice surprises, and get towed back to camp!

Sunken Landi 2

To all our guests who stayed with us over the last week, we promised to keep you up to date on how the lion cubs are doing.

The Kindergarten is very busy, the babies are growing stronger and naughtier every day. Both mothers have a great deal to do and a lot of mouths to feed. They sometimes have to dish out some discipline when things threaten to get out of hand.

Dubas Kindergarten

But they are the cutest cubs!

Cutest cups