Assisting an injured elephant – Ride Kenya & Big Life Foundation

On 22nd February, Ride Kenya assisted a vet from the David Sheldrick foundation in darting and treating an elephant with an arrow wound wandering near ol Donyo Lodge and the Ride Kenya stables.

RK on elephant darting-6










Ride Kenya managers Paddy and Kim were on hand to track the elephant and follow it incase it ran off after darting as it’s easier to keep up on horseback.

Vet vehicle and Ride Kenya tracking the patient










First task was finding the elephant in the acacia woodland. Once an elephant is down and out, the ears and body are continually doused with water to prevent overheating. Some lucky guests were on hand to see.

Dousing the elephant during treatment









Game rangers from Big Life Foundation, a conservation partner of Great Plains Conservation, who are responsible for the welfare of the giants had brought in the vet.

RK on elephant darting-3









Rolling a 6-ton animal requires a little more than horse power!

Tractor to roll the elephant









Ride Kenya manager, Kim, wondering if he has a saddle big enough!

RK on elephant darting-5








The treatment was successful and all ended well with the elephant staggering to his feet and going on his way.

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