Offering guests staying at safari camps in Kenya’s renowned Maasai Mara Reserve in addition to the Olare Motorogi, Naboisho and Mara North private conservancies the opportunity to experience the Maasai Mara from horseback, on one of our well-schooled and beautifully turned out horses.

Combining one of Africa’s greatest wildlife areas with quality horses and guides – this has to be one of life’s most memorable experiences.

Let your horse take you on a journey of freedom and adventure, with only the sound of his hooves, as we explore the exclusive wilderness areas of the Olare Motorogi, Mara North and Naboisho private conservancies as well as the Maasai Mara self.

With low tourist density in the conservancies this is a true wilderness. On our adventures we are more likely to come across the paw print of a lion than the footprint of a human being!

Wildlife abounds as you cross the tree dotted plains, cross rivers and ravines and live an unforgettable experience where we never know what to expect from one minute to the next.

Our horses live in an airy and comfortable custom-designed stable block, within an Acacia forest overlooking lush grasslands and riverine woodlands with the spectacular Siria Escarpment forming an impressive backdrop on the Western boundary of the Maasai Mara.

They are an all-male herd, carefully selected for their comfort and temperament. These fun to ride but well mannered mounts love their jobs which is evident by the way they eagerly stride out each new day with ears pricked, ready to explore the environment they call home. They are our pride and joy.

Upon completion of your ride, treat your horse with a well-deserved and horse friendly, home baked “cookie” – full of yummy treats – our appreciation of their generous spirits.

From the stables we can set out in any direction, unrestricted by roads, in one of Africa’s most game rich wildlife areas, riding through areas of outstanding natural beauty which is most famous for the annual wildebeest and zebra migrations.

With the Siria escarpment to our west, the East is dominated by the Ngama Hills which were formed by volcanic activity and are a prominent land mark in the Reserve.

Throughout your ride expect to encounter big numbers of plains game such as elephant, giraffe, buffalo, eland, zebra, wildebeest, topi, Grants gazelle, the graceful impala and delightful Thompsons gazelle and warthog, while rivers and pools are home to hippo and crocodiles resting lazily in the water or on the banks.

The Maasai Mara is famous for its big cats and we are ever vigilant for sightings of the lion, leopard and cheetah which follow these antelope herds as well as relishing the opportunity to sight the elusive serval and caracal.

Ride Kenya – Mara is a mere 1-hour from Nairobi by scheduled air transfer and centrally placed for easy access from many of the local safari camps especially that of our Mara Expedition and Mara Plains Camps.

We offer 2 hour rides in the morning and afternoon.

In addition, we can also offer you exciting tailor-made multi-day riding safari experiences.


Guests staying at safari camps in the Maasai Mara, Olare Motorogi, Mara North and Naboisho Conservancies now have the opportunity to experience the renowned wildlife of the area from horseback.


Riders of an intermediate level and above can enjoy an exhilarating 2 hour ride in the morning or afternoon. Ride pace is moderate with opportunities for fast paced canters depending on the group ability. Expect to negotiate rivers and ravines.

For safety reasons riders participating on these rides need to be riding fit, confident and competent, ride with an independent seat and be able to control an easy horse at all paces over uneven terrain.

Enjoy a gentle 2 hour ride exploring the open plains and interacting with the abundant plains game. Ride pace will depend on the ability of the group but generally we keep to a walk or trot and we keep to open areas with good visibility.

For safety reasons, riders need to have some previous experience and be able to mount and dismount, walk and trot, stop and turn their horses.


Morning: Riders need to be at the stables at 08h00
Afternoon: Riders need to be at the stables at 15h30


Published Tariff: $250 per rider for either their morning or afternoon riding experience.


All outrides need to be confirmed prior to arrival and reservations can be made with

Martin Dodwell – martin@ridekenya.com | +254 79 812 9987
Alison Mundy – ali@ridekenya.com | +254 79 806 9954


Guests are required to fill out our riding questionnaire when making their booking which will enable us to select the most suitable horse for them based on the riders height, weight, age, ability and riding style.

The Equestrian Managers at Ride Kenya – Mara cannot confirm a booking without receipt of a completed riding questionnaire.


All riders are required to have a short assessment in our arena prior to setting out to ensure they are comfortable with their horse and equipment.

It is a condition of Great Plains Conservation that all horse riders sign an Equestrian Indemnity prior to ‘mounting up’. Riding is at our discretion and we reserve the right to restrict riding activities based on rider competence levels.


We respectfully request no riders over 95kg


For safety reasons we have an age limit of 14. We are happy to discuss riding options for children aged 12 to 14 who have suitable riding experience. Children under 15 must be accompanied by a riding parent or guardian. Regretfully we cannot offer any riding to children under 12 years.


  • We have a range of riding helmets, riding boots, breeches and chaps


  • All rides are led by at least one qualified and experienced equestrian guide and one backup guide


  • All our horses are imported from South Africa. All male herd of geldings and stallions. Breeds include Friesian and Friesian crosses, Shire crosses, Boerperds and Boerperd crosses, Arab crosses and Thoroughbreds


  • 16


  • From 15hh to 17hh


  • Well schooled and experienced safari horses;
  • English trained and gaits i.e. our horses do not lope or jog


  • Good quality all leather tack is used;
  • Our horses are ridden in English bridles and bits;
  • We offer English, Trail or Western saddles