Revel in the luxury of Great Plains Conservation camps


Immerse yourself in the ancient cultures


See the wild spaces of Africa


Be absorbed in the beauty of a moment

The ‘perfect safari’ means something different to everyone.

For some it means stunning accommodation in a remote, private concession with as many wildlife-drives as you can fit into a day. For others it is being out on foot or in a canoe, active all day and totally disconnected from the world back home. For some it is capturing the perfect photograph of one of Africa’s iconic species, for others it means spotting every bird on our 111 Club or introducing their children to the bush for the first time with our Young Explorers Programme.

Whatever your interests or travel style there is a Great Plains Conservation experience perfect for you. Use the pages below to help guide and inspire you as you plan the trip of a life time.

We are pleased to invite you to our Safari Experiences

Luxury Safari

Horseback Safari

Photographic Safari

Explorer Safari

The Great Migration Safari

Flying Safari

Walking Safari

Bush Wedding Safari

Young Explorers Safari

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