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Safari Sightings – Botswana, June

By 1st June 2023October 20th, 2023Safari Sightings Botswana
The best safaris are made of unforgettable Botswana safari sightings moments… and this was undoubtedly one of them. Guests at Selinda recently watched as a coalition of lions attempted to cross a deep watercourse but were intercepted by a hippo. The territorial behemoth moved in at pace to see off the lions, and an incredible interaction between big cats and mega mammals played out right under the noses of our lucky guests. Thankfully, it looks like all involved made it out unscathed. We feel privileged to have witnessed another remarkable #GreatPlains June safari sightings moment in Botswana.⁣
Thanks to guest Jon Leman for this fantastic footage.⁣⁣

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