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We would like to invite you on an African Wellness Journey, one that will enhance your relationship with nature. Unique, natural wellness products formulated from harvested plant actives, capturing their full power of their  nutrients, such as phytosterols, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to lift your spirits. 

Our aim is to awaken your senses and take you on a deep relaxing experience, beyond the familiar, through these African plant extracts. 

At Great Plains Conservation we believe wellbeing extends through each of us, to the community, to global conservation, and the planet by reconnecting us and re-introducing us to ourselves. Allow us to enhance your journey to total well-being. 

At a time when we are more divorced from Nature, that reconnection has to be through Nature’s untamed powers that we use to help us revitalise ourselves and stimulate a greater connection with our natural world surroundings.

Recognising this and harnessing this power, we provide our guests dynamic, immersive and culturally expansive wellness experiences to awaken their senses, transforming their mental and physical wellbeing.

Wellness at Great Plains Conservation extends way further than thinking of a simple and generic wellness. Our curated wellness experiences aim to help you discover the special interconnectedness between humans and the nature that exists around us: to see the hidden patterns that connect human activity to the larger flows of nature and to understand our true ability to develop meaningful and positive impact all around us. Through this we explore the joy and harmony of a shared world. 

Our Zarafa, Selinda, Mpala Jena, ol Donyo Lodge and Mara Plains camps each have wonderful bush wellness areas (spas), located away from guest accommodation, each with well trained wellness concierges who are there to help you  relax, re-connect, recharge and awaken your senses. Our signature wellness treatments are tailor made and allow you to immerse in that magic that is Africa, with our natural, vegan products in a variety of treatments.

Wholesome, nutritious and mindful meals are already part of the Great Plains Conservation philosophy but special dietary requirements are catered for with meals ranging from vegan to gluten and sugar free, for healthier options. Using the freshest ingredients, we create meals with a mouth-watering array of flavours, and steer away from ’tired food’ that disguise their wholesomeness behind the usual garlic and onion “ asks.”

Zarafa Camp has the most unique open air gym overlooking the beautiful plains and river of the Selinda Reserve in front of the camp. Other camps have exercise equipment in the tents. 

Forget the artificial atmosphere of being in an enclosed, air conditioned city or home gym and connect to nature while you exercise and simultaneously unwind in the beautiful wilderness surroundings.

Our wellness products that guests are treated with are uniquely African, organic, vegan and sensual. Dereck and Beverly Joubert were integrally involved in the development of these uniquely curated products, exclusive to Great Plains Conservation, right down to testing each product, selecting fragrances and textures, equipment and of course staff, to ensure quality, sustainability and impact on your experience.

This Great Plains Conservation Wellness range is developed by a local South African environmentally aware biochemist with our environment in mind and manufactured to the highest standards.

Our friendly reservations team is available and knowledgable about this unique offering, to assist in pre-booking your bush wellness experience prior to your arrival at our camps

In camp your dedicated Great Plains Wellness Concierge will assist you and ensure all your wellness needs are met while you are with us. Allow us to take you on a journey of relaxation from daily stress, from jet lag and into a new awakened relationship with Nature with our uniquely crafted Great Plains signature treatments.

Join us on a sensorial safari and a transformative experience in Africa’s wilderness.

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