Andrew Howard

Hello. I’m Andrew Howard, of Andrew Howard Photo and founder of Hammer Design – your brand. Born and bred in Johannesburg at a time when television was only for an hour a day, I was used to being outside, exploring the veld and getting dirty. This passion for the outdoors grew into an immense emotional attachment to the wild places of Africa and it’s wildlife. Exploring Africa on foot with friend’s to south east Asia with my best friend and living in Europe for a period of time, I lapped up design culture along the way and have poured this into my passion – design, brand and photography.

With design as a background, most of my work is considered for it’s use in the various marketing material for lodges. It is immensely satisfying to capture the perfect animal interaction. I also look for the right shot of the experience, the lodge or the setting. So often one leaves a safari with great captures of the wildlife, but nothing of where one has been. I find myself comfortable with a tripod, off-camera-flash and a trigger sitting away from the group capturing the essence of what a safari is. Great Plains camps are filled with these spaces that allow you to explore more than the wildlife. The stars at night, fire-side chat, bush-dining that offers an opportunity to capture meaningful and lasting memories.