Photography, inspired by our world-renowned wildlife filmmakers and photographers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, is central to the Great Plains Conservation experience.

Our camps are perfect for any level of photographer, from professional to committed hobbyist to the novice. Our safari camps are a photographer’s dream, including sunrises over the Zambezi River at Tembo Plains Camp and ol Donyo’s Lodge, two photographic hides, each perfectly placed in front of a water hole that draws some of the region’s last “big tusker” elephants!

Our vehicles are open 4x4s with a maximum of 6 guests (private vehicles available), many of which come with stabilizing bean bags and camera mounts. At Duba Plains CampSelinda CampZarafa CampMara Plains Camp and ol Donyo Lodge, each suite has a professional camera and lenses for guests to use with their images downloaded on departure. Duba Plains Camp is home to a specialist photographic boat perfect for exploring the Okavango Delta. Guests can book a scenic helicopter flight at our camps in Botswana to capture stunning aerial shots. For those looking to improve their photography skills at any level, we can arrange private photographic tuition for all abilities taught by a professional photographic guide.

“Because of our careers in photography, many guests and travellers to our camps expect something photographic, a cut above others.

Often, very keen photographers want to learn more or improve upon this fantastic craft. With this in mind, we can enhance your safari with the photographic tuition and services of some of Africa’s best known private photographic guides.”

Dereck Joubert
CEO, Great Plains Conservation


There are opportunities for guests of all levels of photographic abilities to refine their skills on their photographic safari.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘photographer’, our guides are trained to assist you in capturing your iconic safari moments.

We can arrange for guests who want to refine their photographic skills further by organising a professional photographer to accompany you whilst on your photographic safari. These professional photographic guides live in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Kenya. They are well suited to guide you through the technical aspects of photography whilst assisting in developing more meaningful and richer wildlife photographic portfolios.

Download Photographic tips & tricks


Choosing the right equipment and knowing what to bring is very important. We can work with you and/or your travel agent with all the right advice. We can also provide you with some hints and tips to get you started before you even leave home.


Raising awareness about conserving our habitats through the medium of photography is at the core of any Great Plains safari. We encourage you to look at taking photos that tell a story.

Simply showing your friends and family your new photographic skills and the incredible sights you have seen goes great lengths to raise awareness to protect our wilderness areas.


All our vehicles are modified to provide camera supports and beanbags. Beanbags offer a universal solution for most of our photographers, but we can tailor the vehicles around anyone’s requirements, including gimbal supports, by using additional clamps.

For the ultimate private Photographic Safari, we encourage you to consider reserving a private game drive vehicle during your stay with us. This ensures that you have our guide at your disposal to look for and remain at sightings for as long as you wish.


We provide the setting for some of the most iconic places to photograph on the planet. In Southern Africa, idyllic photographic locations include the mystical and pristine Okavango Delta with the hidden gem of the Selinda Reserve in Botswana to the evocative landscape of the Sapi Reserve and Zambezi River. In East Africa, the greater Maasai Mara coupled with Hemmingway’s famous Green Hills of Africa in the Kenyan Chyulu Hills and the breathtaking Kilimanjaro views.

Diversity is key in providing a varied and exciting portfolio. We encourage you to spend time with a wide range of wildlife instead of just focusing on one or two key species, and our habitats provide that opportunity.

Our Photographic Safari Camps

ol Donyo Lodge

The Sambuk Suite at Mara Nyika

The Jahazi Suite at Mara Plains

Luxury Kenya Safari

Mara Plains Camp

The Sambuk Suite at Mara Nyika

Mara Nyika Camp

Mara Toto Camp

Lounge exterior Mara Expedition camp

Mara Expedition Camp

The Zanji Suite at Tembo Plains

Great Plains Tembo Plains Camp Guest suite deck

Tembo Plains Camp

Mpala Jena

Duba Explorers Camp

Selinda Camp

Selinda Suite

Okavango Explorers Camp

Selinda Explorers Camp

Duba Plains Camp Guest Suite Sunset

Duba Plains Camp

Duba Plains Suite

Zarafa Camp

The Dhow Suite at Zarafa