Always wanted to savour a priceless Safari Destination?

Sometimes just having the opportunity of sitting quietly on your private deck, watching how an elephant silent eats can put life back into perspective.

Having the time to share an amazing wildlife moment, alone with your partner, reconnects us to those that matter in our lives.

Savouring the best food and wine, while a night-time animal chorus from the African bush surrounds you, rejuvenates.

It can be the small things that matter, but experiencing the best safari camps that Africa has to offer ensures these are memories are as unique as you are.

The Zarafa Dhow Suite is the epitome of amazing wildlife experiences, luxury and privacy. Your private residence that includes your own private butler, chef, vehicle and guide in the 320 000 acre Selinda Reserve of northern Botswana awaits. Enjoy a three night safari from $10 350 per person sharing and take advantage of free flights during select months of the year.