September News – Duba Plains Botswana

BrowniesPierre’s nutty chocolate brownies are a divine experience that need to be tasted for those with a sweet tooth. Indulgence has never looked so good, just let your instincts take over.



Buff crossing water

When the buffalo cross they need to keep an eye out for the crocs ever lurking in the deep water. This formidable raft they have formed makes a good spot for the cattle Egrets to sit to ensure they don’t get their feathers wet during the move.


Chocolate Lion


During a tussle with a buffalo the lionesses often need to get stuck in the mud with them but they wear their new coat of dirt with honor when the job is complete.


Crimson-breasted Shrike


A crimson-breasted shrike perched on what appears to be a defeated puff adder. Who knows how this unfolded but no doubt it would have been a remarkable showdown.




Duba Story

Who is watching who? Lion pride getting a little high ground to see the buffalo of Duba and to plan their next move.

James on bridge

The always unflappable 007 making his way across the bridge to the plains.

‘We will see what nature can provide,’ is one of his many quotes showing you that sometimes its all down to good timing. Or his modesty makes us all feel a bit better about our limited bush skills.

Lioness vs Buffalo

Showdown time! Always looking for the weak link in the chain of the herd are the Duba lionesses and the best way to see that is to get in close and personal.


Photographic Vehicle

Lock n’ Load as in Lock in that lens and Load up the gear. The chilly mornings may take a bit of willpower but when the light is right there is no better time of day to see a kill or get that profile shot you can hang on the wall. This is a way of life, not just a hobby.


Pied Kingfisher 1


Pied Kingfisher using its keen eyesight to look for fish it can dive-bomb. Sometimes the smaller hunting techniques are just as impressive to the bush enthusiast.




Pierre at dinner

OT our General Manager and Pierre our exec chef and avid photographer giving their best winning smiles. It just goes to show that pictures aren’t limited to when you leave the camp.




Red LechweRed Lechwe are a common sight around the Okavango and Duba Plains is no different. This semi-aquatic antelope has a well developed hindquarters for powering it through the marshes away from predators.


Romantic dinner


The best way to soak in the atmosphere can be as easy as having a fireside dinner with only the stars in the clear sky for company. At least this way you can be in charge of roasting your own marshmallows without needing to leave your seat.


Spike with lion

One of the greatest and most prolific beasts you will be able to spot at Duba. Well and of course the male lion..

Spike has always been able to read the lion and buffalo interaction like a book of plays and if there is going to be a kill, he is the one of the first to know about it.

Traveling chef


When Pierre isnt in the kitchen hes bringing it out to the bush with him! Well versed in cooking off a braai due to his South African heritage he feels just as much at home in front of a fire pit with a couple of fillet steaks. Botswana beef is some of the best in the world and sometimes nothing beats the authentic flavor that can only come from both the flavor and the experience of watching it cooked in front of you.




Vervet Monkey & Baby

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