September News – Selinda Camp, Botswana

September in the Bush

The month of September started with sad news. lion cub, SelindaWe lost three of the Wapuka pride lion cubs. While we do not know for sure, we suspect they died of a snake bite as they were found paralyzed which can be the symptom of neurotoxic venom. Only one of the four cubs survived and is still recovering.

All in all we had more sightings of lion than of any other predator. Both prides, the Selinda and the Wapuka pride played nicely for the guests´ cameras. We recorded four kudu kills made by the Selinda pride and last week the two female lions of Selinda pride took down a giraffe (see blogpost: ) about five minutes from camp. They guarded the kill for three nights, then decided to walk away from it. On day four we found Mavinyo, the solitary male feeding on the carcass.

This month’s highlight has got to be the new arrivals of Wild Dogs in the Selinda Concession!

Wild dog pups at selinda

New wild dog pups!

The Northern and the Southern pride of Wild Dogs had their puppies but we only saw them for the first time last week because the two dens were closed for five weeks, meaning no one was allowed to go there (following strict procedures as the Wild Dog is an endangered species). Both packs have six puppies each.

Many breeding herds of elephant walked through the camp and can often be seen crossing the channel from our deck – to the delight of all of our guests. Hippos frequent the camp at night. On cooler days they can be seen during daylight hours grazing on land as well.

Buffalo are plentiful, as we have two sizable herds in the concession and are regularly seen on our game-viewing outings. Our cheetah brothers were spotted three times this month and it looks like they are slowly getting used to the vehicles. Some guests were fortunate enough to spot nocturnal animals such as civet, serval and honey badger and our resident porcupine shows up after dinner every now and again.

By Eva & Dicks

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