Sightings bulletin – Selinda Camp Botswana

Email from Lizzy at Selinda Camp after asking her about the three little lion cubs we saw near Selinda’s airstrip last week.

Hi Dave,

The cubs haven’t been sighted as yet however their mother has been spotted and it looks like she is lactating, so we hope there are still alive but just hidden.  We don’t want to mount a large scale search and disturb them, or worse attract the attention of hyena. The same lioness managed to team up with the rest of the pride (2 sisters and the mother) and they have just killed a roan antelope. At the kill, they sighted a very old male nearing death.   He is a Kwando (an area in the north) male, hanging around not far from the carcass watching the females eating. We will keep you posted with updates.

Best wishes Lizzy

24-02-2013 Selinda Lioncups 03 - Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom


A glimpse of the baby cubs last week, missing in action

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