With the increased demand for small luxuries in the safari industry, Great Plains Conservation looks for innovative ways to retain the true essence of safari while also meeting the needs of our guests. With that, Zarafa Camp’s four guest tents rooms now have a new cooling system for all of the beds.feature a new, very clever cooling system for its beds.  It is an environmentally friendly system which fits perfectly in our conservation focused philosophy and ethics.

Suitablye named “Evening Breeze”, the solar powered cooling system blows cooled air over the beds and is stylishly incorporated into the design of the beds and its mosquito nets. We chose this system because of both its top reviews and it is the only cooling system which does not have to be sealed in a room. as it is a market leader and the only system that can provide a cooling system without it being sealed in a room.  Air conditioning works on a premise that it produces cool air from a compressor, but will only work if the room is sealed.  In the case of the Eevening Bbreeze system, the cold air moves into through pipes above the bed and the cold air gently filters its way downdown over the bed. . This is ideal for the tent’s needs as it is more effective than a fan, but retains the indoor/outdoor quality which we adore, and so do our guests.  Further, the cooled air is fresh as opposed to the treated air coming from a traditional a/c unit.  It is perfect that we can now provide a cooling system more effective than a fan, but retaining the open spaces that gives Zarafa so much appeal. You can enjoy the openness of the room without feeling you need to keep doors closed.  It is also silent to allow guests to still hear the sounds of the bush. Therefore, the air that is cooled is ventilated and open to the elements so the air is fresh rather than the treated air that you would get from an air conditioned unit.

There is no feeling of a draft so the cooling is soundless and provides a cooling of the ambient air so it is not localised over the sleeping guests.

The control is ergonomically designed to be simple but effective. When picked up, the control It automatically senses when it is picked up to provide backlighting,lights up so it is visible at night,   and the settings control measures the current environment and calculates the ideal humidity and temperature for sleeping.

Its state of the art compressor unit is powered by a direct current (DC) , as opposed to the normal alternating current (AC) which allows the unit to run off Zarafa’s 172 paneled solar farm.  A mainstream a/c unit uses significantly more electricity and would require a diesel generator. The absence of a fan in the Evening Breeze saves approximately 80% of the energy expended on a traditional a/c unit and the system nearly as detrimental to the ozone layer because it uses a new and highly efficient R-410A refrigerant that is inert.

The Evening Breeze works well with or without the mosquito net, and its white cotton linen design looks as if it is not even there. This open-air, refreshing, low energy, discreet unit provides a welcome addition to Zarafa Camp’s innovative design and technology portfolio. And guests are sure to love it and appreciate it in the summer months.


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