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Tell us, where should Great Plains go next?

By 7th Sep 2022Sep 16th, 2022Watch Wednesday

Migrations and Where to next?

Last week Beverly and I arrived back from an adventure to our safari camps in East Africa, thinking about “Where to next” for Great Plains Conservation and our Foundation. Kenya is a place of great romance, history, tradition and the annual wildebeest migration. This time spent amongst Kenya’s annual southern migration and wildlife got me thinking… Where to next for Great Plains? What is our migration?

While we still have magnificent events like this across the planet, it makes us want to fight harder for its survival. We deserve the perfect house to live in, a pristine planet filled with wonder and breathtaking awe.

This is just one of our world’s magical events that we systematically find for you through Great Plains when we expand and where we will have fun hosting you.

I would love to hear from you, experts in travel, in safari, where you would most like to see a new Great Plains camp. Where to next? Is there a magical location we are overlooking? Should we decide to develop there, we will host you when we open.

For now, enjoy the migration, as Beverly, and I saw it recently.

Dereck Joubert

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