The Gourmet Side of Duba Plains, Botswana


Pierre van Zyl, Executive Chef, Duba Plains

Pierre van Zyl has been the executive chef at Duba Plains since August 2012.  Born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa, Pierre went to one of the best cooking schools in the country. The Institute of Culinary Arts is based in Stellenbosch, the very heart and soul of the good food and wine country. A man of many talents, Pierre is also a keen photographer and has a love for wildlife. Pierre has bought his passion for great food up to Botswana where he can enjoy the nature and share his skills with guests from all over the world.

Pierre at dinnerEverything at Duba is homemade and some of the delights you can expect to see emerge from the kitchen include potato gnocchi smothered in a basil pesto sauce, grilled Botswana Ribeye steak with a mushroom ragoût and a decadent chocolate fondant with fresh marshmallow. Nothing is too much trouble and this kitchen loves a challenge so feel free to request specific dishes or your personal favourites if you don’t fancy anything on the menu.

Pierre stuck

The lengths Pierre will go to get you your lunch

One of the culinary highlights at Duba is Pierre’s multiple course “Tasting Menu” where every dish can also be paired with wine with help from Pierre’s teammate and Duba’s Front of House Manager, Antoinette. These two are sure to take you on a food and wine journey you would never expect to receive in the middle of the African bush.

When the famous Duba Lions are on a hunt then the dining venue often becomes the same location for the guests as it is for the Lions…out there in the bush. Pierre and his team then swing into action and take the lunch out to the game vehicles to enjoy, at a safe distance away from the Lions

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