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The Great Plains Collective – Issue 2

By 18th Jun 2021May 6th, 2022The Great Plains Collective



Grootbos goes beyond simply conserving the pristine wilderness it calls home. Constantly researching, innovating and pioneering new ways of doing things, the Grootbos reserve offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the unique fynbos floral kingdom and ancient forests. Did you know that Grootbos is the custodian of 800 plant species, 118 bird species, 29 mammals and 21 amphibians – some of which are sadly under threat of extinction?

Definitely one for the Bucket List during a stay at Grootbos:
Strap on a helmet and head out for an exhilarating Fatbike Tour!

One of the most exhilarating ways to experience this nature haven is to peddle out on an exciting Fatbike Tour. Reconnect with yourself and the spirit of the landscape as you make your way through beautiful nature reserves, over vast sand dunes, and along the stunning Walker Bay coastline. This Fatbike adventure starts on guided trails through the fynbos. The landscape transitions into the dramatic dune landscapes and finally to the white sands of the Walker Bay coast. Birds, seals, dolphins, and whales (in season) are frequent sightings in this natural wonderland. The extra-thick 4.7-inch tyres ensure that you won’t get stuck and that the dunes are easily navigated.

Note: Fat Biking is something for every level of proficiency or experience and is appropriate for all ages.

Marakele – Mountains, plains and waterways. Marataba is a wonderland for anyone with a passion for nature, history and culture.

This is an age-old land where nature’s way has outlived time. San rock art and Iron Age sites preserve a rich heritage, and untamed animals roam its 67 000ha.

Besides the normal game viewing experience from a vehicle, one can also enjoy morning and sunset water safaris by boat which provides plentiful game viewing opportunities. Operated on the tranquil Matlabas River a mere 30-45 minute scenic drive from Marataba Safari Lodge or Marataba Mountain Lodge one can expect to gently cruise along the waterway with an experienced Marataba field guide whilst sipping a steaming coffee or a refreshing drink with bubbles.

“Miss Mara water safaris offer a unique perspective on a wilderness that remains wild and free” – Robert More

What to expect now from June-August

Winter opens up a safari wonderland. Cold nights, warm days, little rain… perfect for safari season. All manner of wildlife can be reliably found congregating at the watering holes, with predators greedily eyeing up twitchy prey. Clear skies and the remoteness of Marataba also provide ideal conditions for stargazing.

Click here for all you need to know about Marataba

Pursuing nature has become something we are all needing more and more and Escape & Explore help do just that.

Offering unforgettable tours, not ‘ticks’ on a travel itinerary, but rather, once-in-a-lifetime, off-the-beaten-track adventures.

One of our favourite tours with Escape & Explore is the Peninsula Kelp Snorkelling Safari ending with a little side-car adventure. 

Travel to the Cape Peninsula via Kalk Bay to Simons Town and embark on an insightful and fascinating walk along the coastline to see the unique African penguins and to learn more about the interesting conservation actions currently being done. Continue to Windmill Beach where Escape & Explore will have a private beach club set up with all their toys, umbrellas, a gourmet pantry and snorkelling gear just for you! Still your spirit and calm your nerves with their introductory breathwork session taking a moment to be grounded, take in the environment and become aware of your breathing. The Escape & Explore guiding team will then get everyone set up with snorkel gear (wetsuits will be available) and they will start a snorkelling activity in the kelp forest learning all about the magical wonders under the surface of the waters in Cape Town. To end off the day in style we suggest being collected from the beach by Cape Sidecars and enjoy being chauffeured back to Cape Town. Wind in your hair, sun on your faces you head back via Noordhoek to Aegir Brewery for a craft beer or a stop at Cape Point Vineyards for a glass of vino.

Deskbound to sky-bound – Our Safari designers took to the skies!

NAC Helicopters recently took our Safari designers on a helicopter flip along the Cape Peninsula coast! The team had the following to say about their experience and the professionalism of the pilots:

“What a thrilling experience! After months of Zoom and virtual encounters, it was heart-warming to see each other again in person. We had such a spectacular day. The sun was out and it was quite emotional to see our beautiful Mother City from a birds-eye view after months of isolation in our home offices. The NAC Pilots were fantastic and were in constant contact over our individual, sanitised headsets sharing their love for Cape Town. Thank you Great Plains for allowing us as a team to experience such amazing activities and unforgettable moments.”

The Safari Designer team from left to right:
Back row: Noxy, Cheryl, Tara, Tara A, Megan, Tarisai
Bottom row: Jill, Chemone, Carmen

Chat soon.

Keeping the dream fresh and alive,
Eluisa Di Benedetto | Product Manager