The Sound of a Selinda Storm

There’s nothing like the first storm of the season. Dry earth and plants seem expectant, animals skittish. The air stills as clouds roll up into massive cumulonimbus towers, lighting up periodically with electricity. There’s a general sense of expectation as thunder rolls over the acacia-dotted landscape and the heat builds. The smell of rain is heavy in the air.

In the evening, crickets chirp as the first drops fall but are soon silenced as the drops become a deluge.

The rains fall steadily, its drumbeat broken only by the sound of thunder. And then, as suddenly as it started, the storm eases and the crickets resume their chorus.

Selinda wakes to drenched plains and replenished waterholes.

Listen to the first storm of the season that we recorded earlier in the year and imagine being in your luxurious tent, warm under the covers as the first drops begin to fall.