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The Vision of the Rolling African Plains

By 21st Oct 2020May 24th, 2021Watch Wednesday

This week I find myself starting to turn away from the daily news we are exposed to, oversaturated and exhausted from it all, with nowhere to hide I yearn for the peace and tranquillity of an uncluttered world and the kind of silence that only Africa satisfies in me. In many of us.

This Wednesday it’s time to just take a deep breath again and to imagine. It’s the vision of the rolling African plains, the place where Man was born that my mind goes to. It is here that the extravagant flashes of light lit up the night, reminding us to this day of our fragility, but also that purity we find in pristine places on the planet. This simple recording (download the soundclip here) places me exactly where I belong. In Africa. In the open and in the path of this electrifying edge of survival.

We regularly bring you film clips, as we did last week, or encourage you to watch our live ‘hidecam’ at the ol Donyo Lodge waterhole, but this sound clip is an invitation to design your own imaginative movie, done with purpose because in essence a safari is best done as a collection of intangibles – the smells, sounds, tastes, touch, laughter, and joy. In this movie, YOU are the lead character (why not write yourself into your script as a minor player?)

Below are a few screen grabs of the recent incredible sightings you can view at the ol Donyo Lodge’s waterhole ‘hidecam‘.


At Great Plains we also understand that thriving conservation programs are only possible when communities living alongside the wildlife and protected areas are afforded opportunities to learn, interact, and benefit from these conserved areas. Based on this, the Great Plains Foundation has been working on launching an innovative initiative called the Great Plains Academy, which aims to provide personal and community enrichment opportunities for individuals in northern Botswana. The role of the Academy is to tackle the lack of accessible, quality educational opportunities for young people in the area. These enrichment opportunities will be facilitated through vocational training and supplemental education with a conservation and tourism focus. The goals of the Academy are to improve participants’ understanding of their local environment and wildlife, promote conservation and sustainable land management practices, and invest in the skill and capacity of the local community and workforce.

The planning and building stages of the Academy have been underway over the last few months and it is with great excitement that the dream has been realized and the first training facility was opened over the last week. We held a small opening ceremony on the 13th of October to celebrate the completion of the first phase of construction of the Great Plains Academy in Seronga, Northern Botswana.

This is just the beginning of the wider dream of the Academy which hopes to grow and reach further young adults in reaching their potential and, in turn, growing the opportunities in these communities.

Further information regarding this auspicious occasion can be found here.

We couldn’t resist. The short movie above was created just for you to encourage your imagination into inspiration and tempt you to join us in East Africa on your Kenyan safari with us soon.


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