The waters are coming to Selinda Explorers!

Nature generally doesn’t run to schedule. Rains can be sporadic and heat can be intense. So bets are always on as to when the Spillway waters reach Selinda Explorers after the dry season and we can start the Selinda Canoe Trails once more.

The Flow Passing The TFC Cut Line And On Towards Explorers CampWe were lucky enough to conduct a reconnaissance exercise in the helicopter to the point on the spillway where the water has reached. A big thank you to Derek and Beverley Joubert for the suggestion and thank you to our pilot, Mike for agreeing to assist with the rather short-notice request.

We found that the water was in fact a distance (as the crow flies) of 2 -3 miles further up from Explorers Camp. Just less than two weeks ago, Trails team members had driven to Motswiri Camp and found the gentle trickle approximately 18 miles (again, as the crow flies) away. So, within the last 12 days the water has travelled a distance of approximately 21 miles!

If the flow of water continues to push as it currently is, we believe we will be seeing water at Explorers camp at the beginning of May which would be nothing short of fantastic….Nature seems to be running perfectly on time for us!

Trails Set Up 2

The new Canoe Trails setup. We can’t wait to get going!

We look forward to scouting the route further now that we know where we will be dropping canoes in and approximately how far we can potentially paddle. Plans will be made to find suitable locations to camp as strategies may change slightly with the new design of trails tents.

Let the adventures begin!