July News – Selinda Camp Botswana


7 new cubs in the Wapuka pride

The cubs are still out doing frequent road patrols this month, trying to spot anything that might provide fair game as the grass is still proving to be that little bit too long for wee heads to look over. These young’uns are still a handful but they have a lot to be thankful for as the lionesses have been making very good use of the increasing wet (from the impending flood) conditions by staging their chases through the thick marshes. This has led to some spectacular pursuits between the girls and the bigger game such as the kudu, with the dramatic effect provided by the water they have been attempting to escape through. Luckily for us we have seen a number of these high intensity showdowns as the lions have camped out near our boat station which has evidently been giving their assaults a very high success rate.


Every day is a new day and at this rate every day seems to be providing a new predator as we have an abundance of stunning leopards coming onto the Selinda concession every week as if pulled by some migratory force. Its almost becoming a haven for these incredible creatures and the real challenge is no longer finding them but coming up for names for them all so we can identify them.

Nothing indicates a time to start prepping your close up lens like the sight of a kill in a tree and impalas wedged between branches are now almost as common as seeing them on the ground, once you see a leopard nonchalantly sunbathing in the evening light with a fresh meal it becomes a memory that will never leave you and that’s a Great Plains guarantee.


Dix/ Dicks/ D-man the names are like the man, a legend in the world of tracking and guiding. A former bushman equipped with the knowledge you cant find in any book, Dicks has been guiding and acting as a personal translator for interpreting animal behaviour for over a decade in the Okavango. If he isn’t blowing you away with his ability to predict every step of an animal’s thought process he is telling some (frequently terrible) jokes accompanied by his cheeky smile. Another keen photographer, he will leave you with the same passion and respect he holds for the beautiful species that enrich Botswana.


As the winter sets in the mornings have been rather ‘refreshing’ this month but worry not, on every drive we provide our fleece lined ponchos. Coupled with a hot water bottle its like being on safari but from the warm comfort of your own bed! From an old Scandinavian saying ‘theres no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing,’ we couldn’t agree more and to prove it we have clear cut evidence that you can beat the morning chill.


*Silly grin on morning drive optional.


We have all seen a sunset but have we seen one that makes you really question the pure power nature has over our emotions. It is true, a picture says a thousand words but sometimes some places can make you totally speechless.


Selinda Staff

Of course we can praise our guides every day because of the things they can treat people to but sometimes even they can run into trouble. Yes, contrary to popular belief when they manage to spot that elusive cheetah behind the trees, past the grassy plain and under the belly of a distant elephant, they are in fact human. Even they need some help from time to time when the mud gets too thick or their off road gallivanting has led to that extra flat tyre they didn’t account for they do have to swallow their pride and ask for help. Thankfully we have a quick reaction task force always on station to assist when times get tough. Here we have KT and LB, the team that is going to winch/pull/lift/fix your game viewer in record time. Lets take a moment to acknowledge the fact that everyone makes mistakes but as long as you have a star team backing you up, its all part of the bush experience. Well as long as the hyenas don’t get there first…

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Thank you to the Macleod family for providing us with some of their awesome pics for this month, let’s hope August brings us more of the good stuff.

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