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This Watch Wednesday, An Important Project Ranger Update

By 3rd Feb 2021May 24th, 2021Watch Wednesday


I said at that moment that this would bring the best out of some of and the worst out of others. 

To stimulate the best, we started Project Ranger, as many of you know.

Project Ranger is an initiative to raise money to support those wildlife rangers, located across several African countries, that have been furloughed or have taken salary cuts, as a result of the pandemic and tourism contributions drying up.

In determining our support, a key factor was to direct this funding into locations that are specifically NOT managed by Great Plains. We started raising money and distributing it as it came in, and some of the feedback received has confirmed that Project Ranger is exactly on track and what is required.

“Thanks to Project Ranger, we were able to bring our rangers back and immediately redeploy them, and on day one found poached giraffe, followed up and arrested those giraffe poachers!” – Tanzania.

“Our horseback patrols have been reinstated and expanded, with even better anti-poaching success than before thanks to this supplementary funding.” – South Africa.

“Your help has been enormous to us…” – Uganda.

“I lack sufficient words right now to express my gratitude. We received this news late last night & have been processing since then.” – Mozambique.

With your help, we are making a difference.

Today, as I tally up the contributions, commitments, and disbursements, I see that we have over 100 rangers funded for their full-year salaries. With two large matching funding grants, one from the Great Plains Foundation, and another from the National Geographic Society, we are only $140,000 short of that magical $1,000,000 support mark and still a month short of the Project’s 1st anniversary.

That is incredible, so thank you, everyone, for getting us to this point

All this is possible due to the fantastic support we have from valued tourism partners, companies and NGOs. These include, amongst others, the Maisha Group, HammerDesign, BirdLife International, iLCP, Wildlife Films, Wildlife Ranger Challenge, Wild Foundation, Swiss African Foundation and the Centre for Conservation Biology. This map shows the extent of our work so far and those partners.

Beverly’s personal contribution, via Art for Rangers, and by donating her work, has funded more than four rangers alone! She is extending that support on her limited edition prints for an additional month. She has also added one of my favourite images, “In Sync”, of a mother and daughter leopard to this available portfolio.

Like the pandemic itself, Project Ranger has not run its course, so we are announcing that we are extending the period to keep the Project open until the end of the year at least. 

Being the best version of ourselves actually feels good on so many levels, and your incredible support of Project Ranger has touched so many lives already, so a sincere and heartfelt thank you.

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