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Turning The Dream Into Reality

By 18th Nov 2020May 24th, 2021Watch Wednesday


Any awakening is exciting. But few are as much fun to watch as cats, particularly big cats, make an art out of awakening.

I watched a male lion recently as he opened his eyes in the late afternoon. Hoisting himself into a sphinx-like sitting position, he took in the sunset’s orange sky alive with rose beetles. After a while, his muscles finally primed for movement before he stood, shook his head, and stretched. Had we been closer, I am sure we would have heard his spine rattle into alignment.

He was almost ready but for the final details of his real awakening: an announcing roar, a fluffing head shake, and a stare that followed his ears, listening for the call of his brother islands away.

It’s those details we want to talk about in our own awakening in Botswana.

Last week, you will have seen our communique on the opening of Botswana’s and South Africa’s borders to follow our Kenyan reopening. The details of those protocols are what is on everyone’s minds.

In essence, it is only the presentation of a PCR test that is no more than 72 hours old, giving you the all-clear, and you are welcome and on your way to one of our camps. While you are with us, we take care of everyone, and we’ve been training for this moment for six months!

Preparing for your departure (days or hopefully weeks later), we can arrange an in-camp PCR test and certification so that you don’t have an issue in the next country. Simple.

So simple, in fact, and considering we are in the hospitality, not hospital business, we wanted to share a little about our camp protocols with you – see below. Just know that ‘serious’ is not something we take seriously at Great Plains, or instead, we do not take being too serious seriously.

Besides this document, as a gift, we remind you of the below long stay offers, because as you know by now, we like giving stuff away. Click on the scrolling images below to view these offers. They are also available to view here.

I firmly believe that we have to evolve away from a merely transactional existence where I give you something only if you give me something, to a transformational relationship. If we both commit, we can climb higher together.

This reawakening of tourism in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Kenya shines a light on travel’s importance when it is done for a transformational reason and with meaning.

Journey to our great African destinations and the natural world in general, where one interacts with different cultures and enjoys wildlife, clean air, fresh ideas.

This is as essential to the soul and our well-being as any therapy available. It is an awakening of the soul.

And lastly – a reminder that tomorrow, Beverly and I are hosting a series of live online chats, where we want to share what we at Great Plains and our Foundation have been up to over the past few months.

Join us tomorrow, Thursday the 19th of November 2020, where we will be online at these times :

Registration is required, so please click on your preferred time above to RSVP.
Each session is limited to a maximum of 100 guests, and these times are based on South African Standard Time (SAST) UTC+2.

If you would like to convert the above times (which are based on Johannesburg, South Africa time) to your local time, go here and complete the required info.

We look forward to seeing you and Keep The Dream Alive 

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