We are finding an unprecedented number elephant visits to out camps this year.

Zarafa has the famous George and now Selinda, Explorers, and Duba Plains are seeing them far more then they have in previous years.

The main reason is that we had a very dry – wet season (an oxymoron perhaps?) and this has made the surrounding water holes dry very quickly so the permanent water where are our camps are built become a haven.

We also do not have large herds of antelope coming into the camps – because were are there.  There are some resident Kudu at Duba and the occasional Impala but this allows the camps to develop into one big Elephant salad bowl for the elephants.

This is just fantastic for all our guests with regular, almost guaranteed sightings of elephant in the camps. If you ask the maintenance department you will get a different answer however. 5 tonnes of mammal vs a canvas clad fence = damage.  We can but just keep hammering and patching, the elephants are here to stay until the rains arrive in November.



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