Virgin Atlantic magazine features ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

ol Donyo Lodge and the Mbirikani Group Ranch proudly feature in this article in Virgin Air’s inflight magazine.

“This is the most spectacular plane landing I’ve ever experienced. As we start to descend, I look for a landing strip but see only a lone windsock and gazelle, zebra and giraffe running from the plane’s path. On the ‘landing strip’ I’m surrounded by nothing but vast plains encircled by the Chyulu Hills and the Twin Peaks. A veritable playground that’s full of potential for animal spotting, it is also a little frightening. This much empty space can be daunting, and I’m not necessarily the best equipped for spending time in the African bush by myself. However, as the pilot unpacks the bags, a cheerful “Jambo!” is shouted my way in greeting.
Jonathan, my tall Maasai-warrior guide, comes bouncing over the hills. Konee, his Maasai name, means futureand he lives up to it. Dressed in the traditional toga-like shuka and festooned in colourful beads, he asks almost immediately, “Will you use my photo in the magazine?” I reply maybe and he makes me promise to send him a copy. Konee is media savvy yet still lives in a traditional boma (village), and his culture and people are just as much a part of the Kenya story as the animals. “I’m looking for my second wife at the moment, I’ll just Google her,” he says with a cheeky grin. While he might be living up to his name, he’s still scared of his mother. “I don’t tell her that I eat hen and egg when I’m working,” he admits. The traditional menu of fresh cow blood and milk is still adhered to in his village. It’s this blend of the future and the past that makes Kenya such an intriguing country to visit. Slowly emerging from years of political unrest, the country feels like it’s on the brink, and that something big is about to change around here.
The future is looking particularly bright for this country.”
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