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Walking Safari

Exploring the African bush on foot is the perfect way to discover all the things, big and small, that make these remote, pristine wilderness areas so special.

Only on a walking safari can you truly appreciate the complexity and rich diversity of the natural world found around your African safari camp.  There is nothing quite like the thrill of admiring these wild animals whilst on foot.

For those wanting a guided walking safari experience, Great Plains Conservation’s Duba Explorers Camp, Okavango Explorers Camp and Selinda Explorers Camp in Botswana, Tembo Plains Camp in Zimbabwe and ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya are great options.

When water levels allow, you can enjoy canoe and mokoro experiences that accompany the daily walking opportunities available at our Selinda Explorers Camp, Okavango Explorers Camp and Duba Explorers Camp in Botswana. At these camps, you walk through lush grasslands and tranquil floodplains while searching for the diverse wildlife occupying these spaces.

ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya offers a hike through Hemingway’s ‘green hills of Africa’. Here, you can also explore the plains at the foot of the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a truly awe-inspiring sight.

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The private Sapi Reserve in Zimbabwe is a perfect walking safari destination for those staying at Tembo Plains Camp. Wide-open flood plains and open grasslands present ideal opportunities to head out with your guides. Here, the elephants often stretch up on their hind legs as they reach for their favourite Sausage Tree fruit.

All our areas have full-day and half-day walking safari offerings for you to choose from.

For those guests who want to avoid being on their feet for a full or half-day, shorter guided bushwalks are possible from most of our safari camps.

Our highly trained guides will accompany you on these walks, ensuring your safety and that of our precious African wildlife.

Maximise your moments and enquire about your walking safari now. 

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