“We come for the game and stay for the food”…. this well phrased statement by a recent guest sums up what Duba is all about. You have got be fed pretty well to have the strength to spend such long hours on the vehicles exploring the beauty of Duba Plains.

You can see in the photo below, that at Duba Plains we are well-fed, as you have got to have a lot of energy to be able to jump that high, unless it’s something in the water… but I suspect it’s the food!

The other two boys  (we mean the lions this time around) have kind of taken over Duba, and have had a few other lions at a trot around the concession. They have been spotted mating with different lioness over the past fortnight and one of the boys has been earned the title of handsome George after George Clooney the famous actor. Our guests feel that this boy is a metro sexual, he takes his grooming seriously, but I just think he gets fed very well……

Jump for Joy at Duba Plains

Handsome lions, Duba plains