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Wild Studio August Update – Kyle de Nobrega visits Duba Plains Reserve

By 4th Sep 2017Nov 12th, 2018Wild Studio

Renowned wildlife photographer Kyle de Nobrega has just returned from a peak season’s photographic extravaganza with Wild Studio at Duba Plains Reserve.

“Far in the remote northern reaches of the Okavango Delta, lies an island surrounded by permanent swamp, and located on this island is an area known as Duba Plains Reserve.  It is here, amidst an amalgamation of isolated biodiversity, that a unique set of rules and adaptations has been crafted by the wildlife who have made Duba Plains Reserve their home.” 

Having just completed a 4 day Wild Studio safari to Duba Plains Camp, Kyle de Nobrega reflects on his time spent in this incredible habitat and the unique photographic opportunities that presented themselves during his safari.

“Photographically Duba Plains Reserve is rich. Its vast open floodplains, meandering water channels and scattered islands with abundant wildlife, create the perfect photographic blend of ‘light’ and ‘subject’. The infamous Tsaro pride of lions still own the island, and all who inhabit it are acutely aware of their presence. We spent hours with these lions every day, garnering an appreciation not only for the photographic opportunities of lions in this environment, but to discover how well adapted these animals are to a land-based, as well as aquatic adapted, life.

Every day we spent a few hours in camp reviewing the portfolio of images captured and learning from a series of photographic presentations, not only about technique but also about the relevant conservation issues surrounding wildlife and these wild habitats. Wild Studio really offers the exclusivity for a dedicated photographic safari: traversing some of the best wilderness regions, whilst offering like minded people a way in which to spend time with wildlife and learn about the art of photography as well as allow for a greater awareness on the requirement to conserve these incredible habitats”.

Kyle de Nobrega, Wild Studio Professional Photographer

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