There's nothing quite like it

This is the story of an ancient place; of rebirth, of family legacy, and of a lodge that is so pioneering, so authentic, that it reinvents the very idea of what it means to experience the African bush.

This is Xigera (pronounced “Kee-jera” and named after the pied kingfisher), a bold new statement in Botswana’s most unspoiled wilderness, opening 01 December 2020 on the western side of the Moremi Game Reserve in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

Xigera Safari Lodge is a labour of love, a miraculous and enchanting transformation that will create experiences that are, quite simply, extraordinary.


This pristine wetland paradise is famous for the sheer variety of wildlife, including leopard and lion; elephant, buffalo and hippo; and giraffe, lechwe, reedbuck, sitatunga and so much more. Open floodplains studded with Ilala palms surround the densely wooded island that houses Xigera Safari Lodge. Impressive jackalberry, mangosteen, and leadwood trees form an ancient canopy under which the lodge is nestled. All 12 suites have been carefully sited so as to give endless views out over the floodplains and the chance to watch passing wildlife. The 11 standard suites each include a separate lounge, bedroom, dressing area, full bathroom, and outdoor shower and feature Wi-Fi and air-conditioning, as well as private decks with daybeds. The Xigera Family Suite consists of two complete full bedrooms with all the offerings found in a normal single suite, joined by an inter-leading lounge area that opens up onto a deck with a daybed.

About Xigera Safari Lodge

As a member of the Great Plains Conservation Collection, Xigera Safari Lodge is owned by the world-famous Red Carnation Collection. Mike and Marian Myers are property’s managers and no strangers to the finest hosting, and experience across Africa over the past 40 years. This is their dream come true camp as it is for Red Carnation and indeed for Great Plains Conservation.

Xigera (pronounced “Kee-jera”) is, quite simply, excellence in the Delta. This extraordinary new safari lodge, located in the Moremi Game Reserve is in the heart of the Okavango Delta has been completely redesigned and built over a number of years and is now ready to welcome you. It remains intimate at just 24 guests with remarkable comfort and attention to detail in the design in camp, and silence and privacy out in the bush. As you explore the Okavango Delta – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – it is at your own pace, in what is the ultimate serviced, and curated private safari-style in Africa.

Xigera Island overlooks breathtaking floodplains and the camp is hidden in the riverine forests, its style in complete synergy with its surroundings. Spacious suites clad in flame-torched timber look out onto lily-filled lagoons that are favourites for elephants and hippos and the occasional thirsty leopard. The interiors of the suites are filled with exceptional art created by Africa’s most collected artists.

The camp strives to surprise you with touches of joy everywhere from the lily-inspired spa to the remarkable three-story baobab sculpture overlooking the floodplain offering guests the chance of a life-changing sleep-out beneath the velvet night sky, guided walks, wildlife viewing drives, and boating in glass bottom boats and mekoros (dugout canoes).

Founders Beatrice and Stanley Tollman and their family have spent the last 66 years creating and steering some of the world’s finest luxury boutique hotels in an exceptional location and their devotion to detail lies at the core of everything that Xigera stands for; the effortless service, the deep human connection, and the personal touches.

With over 100 exceptional staff attending to just 24 guests, the Xigera Safari Lodge delivers an exclusive experience in one of the planet’s most pristine places.

Accommodation and number of guests allowed on the concession

Xigera Safari Lodges offers 11 Suites comprising 9 Suites with king-size beds and 2 Suites with twin bed configuration which can be converted to king beds.

The Xigera Family Suite with a private deck with an outdoor gazebo area offers guests an inter-leading lounge with two en-suite bedrooms (one with a fixed king bed configuration and the other room with twin beds which can be converted to a king bed), each room has their own dressing room and outdoor shower.

There are also 4 tents for guides, pilots, or tour leaders with each tent offering a three-quarter bed and shared en-suite bathroom facilities.

Location and Activities

Xigera Safari Lodge is situated on one of the Okavango’s key waterways in the western Moremi Game Reserve of Botswana’s Okavango Delta with private access to a 4,500-hectare (11,120-acre) wetland paradise in the heart of the Delta.

Xigera Safari Lodge is surrounded by picturesque papyrus swamps and open floodplains studded with llala palms. Impressive jackalberry, mangosteen, and leadwood trees form an ancient canopy under which the lodge is nestled.

This pristine wetland paradise is home to a great variety of wildlife. The area is known for remarkable mammal sightings including elephant, buffalo and hippo, giraffe, tsessebe, reedbuck, and high densities of sitatunga antelope, red lechwe, and spotted-necked otter. Predators include lions, spotted hyenas, and leopards.
Guests are sometimes treated to close-up views of lions or leopards using the footbridge connecting Xigera Safari Lodge to the next island!

This concession lies in an International Birding Area (IBA) with many ‘Okavango specials’ being present, including Pel’s Fishing-Owl, African Skimmer, Brown Firefinch, Greater Swamp Warbler, Wattled Crane, African Pygmy Goose, and Lesser Jacana.