We present some unique and stunning images from Lets, one of our expert photographic guides at the Selinda Reserve. Lets is a well-published photographer including Africa Geographic and a finalist in the Botswana Photographer of the Year awards. Thank you Lets

Hippo_Lets-Kamogelo-Selinda Reserve -20140314-001

The yawn of the hippo is often more of a display

Hippo – this magnificent aquatic creatures are commonly seen in the Zibidianja Lagoon and here one of them is seen giving a nice jaw gap therefore presenting the guest with a fantastic opportunity to take amazing pictures.  Our raft boat provides the perfect platform for viewing and capturing these unique images.

Lions – It is said that good things come to those who wait and this was one of those instances where this is demonstrated as it took hours and hours of relentless attempts which in the end paid off as they finally made a kill and this really gave our guests great satisfaction as their patience paid off at the end.

Little-Bee Eaters – portraying a typical winter behavior, cuddling together to keep warm in the early hours of the day…a great indicator that winter is slowly but surely creeping in.

bee-eaters_Lets-Kamogelo-Selinda Reserve -20140324-001

Little Bee-eaters, snuggled together with eyes on all sides


Sunset – typical dry season special, (spectacular sunset) from the most beautiful Zibidianja lagoon in the Selinda reserve.  You can sit on your room deck and sip a G&T whilst the sun goes down, enjoying this regular sight.


Lets-Kamogelo-Selinda Reserve -20140328-001

Botswana winter sunset


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