In the heart of southern Africa, land-locked Zimbabwe is a vibrant country with dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife and all the fun activities and warm hospitality you could ask for on safari.

Zimbabwe boasts big game and diverse wildlife species, plentiful birdlife and highly professional guides ensuring this is the perfect destination for those active and adventurous travellers. Zimbabwe is also home to five Unesco World Heritage sites, including the majestic Victoria Falls and the Mana-Sapi-Chewore biosphere, that travellers can explore with Great Plains Conservation.

Our Sapi Explorers Camp, set in the heart of the 120,000-hectare private Sapi Reserve, located on the eastern boundary of the Mana Pools Reserve, expands by default the area under conservation for wildlife by an additional two-thirds area of protection. The Sapi Reserve is a remote and wild safari experience. Like the Selinda Reserve in Botswana, the Sapi Concession was a former hunting concession that Great Plains Conservation assumed the responsibility of a few years ago to conserve and protect as a photographic safari destination. Guests of Sapi Explorers Camp have the opportunity to explore this stunning wilderness by vehicle and, in the footsteps of early explorers, guided on foot, canoe and boat by our expert wildlife guides.

Despite a turbulent history, Zimbabweans are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. After some difficult years, the country is reclaiming its rightful place on Africa’s safari circuit.

Great Plains Conservation is proud to join them on that journey.

Sapi Explorers Camp

Sapi Explorers Camp

Our Sapi Explorers Camp, located along the Zambezi River, creates a safari experience reminiscent of the old African explorers with a romance of yester-year, whilst ensuring that adventure and discovery are essentially part of the journey.



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