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Great Plains Live: African Wildlife Webcams

Enjoy watching African animals on a Live African Wildlife Webcam located at ol Donyo Lodge or Tembo Plains Camp as they come to drink at a waterhole or graze on the plains in front of the safari camp.

ol Donyo Lodge Webcam

Enjoy the waterhole view on our Great Plains Live African Webcam from ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya under the shadow of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Tembo Plains Webcam

Enjoy the live African wildlife webcam views across the floodplains in front of Tembo Plains Camp and along the Zambezi River’s edge in Zimbabwe.

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See anything interesting or unique on the Great Plains Live African Wildlife Webcam? A great view of Kilimanjaro, a big tusker elephant, one of our resident big cats, or a great wildlife sighting?

Share a snapshot of what you see on our Live African Wildlife Webcam on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Include the hashtag #greatplainslive and tag @greatplainsconservation so we can also share your Great Plains Live sightings.

Considering how remote our African safari camps are, there may be times when the feed could be a little glitchy, temperamental, buffering or temporarily offline. Rest assured that our fantastic team of techies and webcam geniuses behind the scenes are hard at work flicking switches, rebooting routers, and biting anxiously on their pens because they love the views just as much as you and want to see the webcam back on air pronto, too. The gremlin you see should be resolved if you are experiencing any hiccups. Our webcam footage at ol Donyo Lodge and Tembo Plains is in partnership with Africam.

Enjoy the Great Plains Safari Soundtrack on Spotify while you watch live African wildlife views!

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Visit our Great Plains Conservation YouTube channel for more exciting African wildlife and safari experiences.

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