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Please spend some time with us, watching as African wildlife come to drink and graze from the various waterholes, floodplains and river webcams, or as we call them, the hide-, hippo- and deckcam. This day and night live African wildlife Webcam feed is from our Great Plains Zimbabwe safari camp Tembo Plains.


PLEASE NOTE: Our ol Donyo Lodge hide-cmp is taking a short break while the team renovates and upgrades the sunken hide that the camera is attached to. This feed will be back online for you to enjoy within 2 weeks.

ol Donyo Lodge Hidecam

Enjoy the waterhole view from our Great Plains Live Kenya Waterhole Webcam (Hidecam) at ol Donyo Lodge under the shadow of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.  ol Donyo Lodge is a Great Plains Conservation Réserve-Collection safari camp and a proud Relais & Châteaux member. Keep an eye out for fringe-eared oryx, giraffe, the resident warthog, stealthy cats that visit at night, and, if you are lucky, Africa’s largest tusked elephants. ol Donyo Lodge is situated in the Chyulu Hills of southern Kenya.

Tembo Plains Deckcam

Live African wildlife webcam views across the floodplains in front of Tembo Plains and along the Zambezi river’s edge. At times one can marvel at magnificent electric storms that flash over the horizon as you gaze into Zambia across the river. The islands are often filled with herds of elephants and hippos as they feast on the grasses and reeds. Birdlife is prolific and constant. Hippo and baboon regularly take centre stage late evening and early morning.

The Webcam has been placed strategically off the deck at Tembo Plains Camp, a Great Plains Conservation Réserve-Collection safari camp and proud Relais & Châteaux member. Tembo Plains Camp and Tembo Plains Suite are in the expansive private Sapi Private Reserve situated on the eastern boundary of the Mana Pools of northern Zimbabwe.

Mara Plains Hippocam

Keep an eye out for the resident hippos who make the pools of the Ntiakitak River, where Kenya’s Mara Plains Camp is situated, home.

Mara Plains Camp is a one-of-a-kind luxury Kenya safari camp. It is located in the exclusive 13,300-hectare Olare Motorogi Conservancy, just on the Maasai Mara National Reserve’s northern boundary. This intimate Great Plains Conservation Réserve-Collection African safari camp is one of Kenya’s only three Relais & Châteaux properties.

See anything interesting or unique on the Great Plains Live African Wildlife Webcam? A great view of Kilimanjaro, a big tusker elephant, one of our resident big cats, or a great wildlife sighting?

Take a snapshot, and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Include the hashtag #greatplainslive and tag @greatplainsconservation so we can also share your Great Plains Live sightings.

Considering how remote our African safari camps truly are, there may be times when the feed could be a little glitchy, temperamental, buffering or simply temporarily offline. It’s actually quite amazing how we can bring these streaming, high-definition African wildlife sightings direct to you. Rest assured that our fantastic team of techies and webcam geniuses behind the scenes are hard at work flicking switches, rebooting routers, and biting anxiously on their pens because they love the views just as much as you and want to see the live feed pronto too. The gremlin you see should automatically be resolved shortly if you do experience any hiccups. Our webcam footage at ol Donyo Lodge and Tembo Plains is in partnership with Africam.

Enjoy the Great Plains Safari Soundtrack on Spotify whilst you enjoy watching the live African wildlife views from Kenya's ol Donyo Lodge and Mara Plains Camp or Tembo Plains Camp in Zimbabwe!
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Visit our Great Plains Conservation YouTube channel to view more exciting African wildlife and African safari experiences.
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