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Becoming a Great Plains Conservation Employee places you in a unique position from day one, unlike any other role you will find in Africa. We are a conservation group here to “Conserve and Expand Natural Habitats”. Our employment opportunities ensure you are an ambassador for conservation and protecting our fragile but pristine areas, and this will be at the heart of everything you do. From the very beginning, you will start to make a difference in protecting this continent.

We are very different in many ways; you will often hear and read the term “CopyLeft”. We are a team of creative innovators looking to live on the boundaries of what is achievable, producing excellence as a result. With a common goal, you will be surrounded by peers from many varied backgrounds providing an eclectic mix of skills and talents, working as a team but for one purpose – to protect, and be wildlife guardians if you like.

Within our camps, our vision is simple. To provide excellence in everything we do. Suppose we are to protect these areas effectively. In that case, we must consistently attract the highest quality of clientele to ensure that the valued funding from the camps provides for our conservation measures. It is about a constant, minute by minute focus of looking for perfection and how to make Great Plains better. We pour as much passion and effort into making a cup of Earl Grey Tea for the guests as we do when we design and construct any of our new camps. It is all about the small things and the passion that surrounds them.

As a Great Plains employee, responsibilities will be bestowed upon you of full ownership. This will be your ship to sail, and you are the captain. Each of our camps is unique in every way, and much of their character will be reflected in the personalities and skills of the employees. We follow a universal philosophy at Great Plains of personalisation, flexibility; we are about the intangibles in life, producing the magic dust that guests can only feel. Our camps have become well known for this, which is reflected in their string of awards. It all comes down to providing personal, crafted experiences for our guests instead of something off the shelf.

The rewards can and will be infinite. As with anything, the more you put into being a Great Plains team player, the more you will be rewarded. The wildlife experiences you will be able to write a book about. You shall be living in one of the last wilderness areas of the planet, at the centre of countless habitats and territories, including lions, leopards and some of the best wild dog populations in Africa.

For current employment opportunities and positions, or to submit your Curriculum Vitae, please email Petru Ebersohn – opportunities@greatplainsconservation.com

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