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Safari Sightings

Daily safari sightings updates on what wildlife is possible to see when you join an African safari with Great Plains Conservation.

Each day is different, but our camp’s safari and wildlife sightings books at our Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya safari camps are updated diligently and a good indication of what is possible. Throughout the year.

A safari at any time of the year brings its own riches, but each month has different wildlife concentrations and highlights. We aim to show you that a safari can be taken any time of the year. You don’t have to only consider an African safari during the ‘peak travel’ times. Nature is a living entity and, as such, unfolds magical stories every day to those who choose to join us on an Africa safari at our safari camps in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya. No two days are the same – even when looking at the same animals!

These images, and selected videos, are from our guides, taken whilst out with guests. They offer a unique, uncut, unpolished, raw, and authentic insight into the visual safari experiences you can expect to see when you visit us.

We trust these encourage you to travel and guide you with some science about what to expect when designing your personal safari with us and choosing the time of year that inspires you.

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