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The value of an African safari is intangible. It is a journey of the spirit. The soul of Africa refreshes, restores and changes one’s life.

We at Great Plains Conservation provide the perfect setting for your personalised African safari adventure to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and beyond.

Your stay allows you to create memories that focus on your life story, adventure, romance, and exploration. Feed your soul, get close to your family and loved ones, and ultimately reconnect with yourself.

We are the nurturing “safe pair of hands” for your journey to the African wilderness.

As National Geographic Explorers, Beverly and I have made films in these places, or still want to, with lions or elephants, leopards or rhinos as familiar as our own family. Our selection of handpicked African safari camps and locations come from over 35 years of filming in the wilds of Africa.

Each of our safari camps is personally designed and decorated by the two of us, expressing our appreciation. Each, in many ways, is a visual love letter to Africa, its wildlife and our people. They are small and intimate, some with just eight beds and others sleeping only 14 guests. Our Réserve-Collection camps are also proudly Relais & Châteaux members – the only member properties in the countries where we operate!

We don’t do extensive. We don’t jam tents together. Space, quiet, time and quality are precious to you and us.

Our Great Plains family opens its heart to you. We can’t wait for you to embark on your African safari with us.

Take time to explore our safari sightings shared directly from our safari camps, or enjoy our comprehensive range of videos specially made for you. You could also sit back and let the sounds of the Great Plains Safari Soundtrack entice you to dream of your perfect African safari with us.

Welcome, Dumela, Karibu

Dereck Joubert, Great Plains Conservation Owner and CEO

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The Great Plains Insider is your inside look into the people, the places, the tastes, and the African safari experiences we at Great Plains have to offer.

Your Great Plains African safari awaits...

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Luxury Safari

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Photographic Safari

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Horseback Safari

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The Great Migration Safari

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Explorer Safari

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Flying Safari

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Walking Safari

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Bush Weddings

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Young Explorers

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Spend some time with us, watching as African wildlife come to drink and graze from the various waterholes, floodplains and river webcams, or as we call them, the hide-, hippo- and deckcams.
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