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The Great Plains Collective – Issue 13

By 12th December 2022December 14th, 2022The Great Plains Collective
2021GP Collective Issue13 v3


In this edition of the Collective, we give a special shout out of love to three unique properties in Laikipia namely, Segera, Ol Jogi and Lengishu. Not only do we love their beautiful accommodation offerings and their wonderful staff who care for all our guests but we are completely in love with the way in which they give back to wildlife, conservation and community. Each of them doing their part to leave the world a better place, much like our very own Great Plains Foundation
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Situated in the heart of the diverse Laikipia Plateau, nestled between Mount Kenya and the Great Rift lies Segera, a unique wildlife sanctuary. Segera offers luxury accommodation options, personalised service and bespoke and unique experiences. However, there are many more layers to the Segera encounter. It is a socially responsible retreat that protects and preserves the integrity of the ecosystem found within it and around it. These are two of the initiatives they are involved in that we love most:
Waterbank School : Considered the Greenest school in the World by LEED Architecture, the unique roof design of the school can harvest an incredible 350000 litres of rainwater per year – or 5 litres of clean water each school day, year round for ever single one of its 700 students!
Segera Honey : Segera supports traditional skills and sustainable business practices, particularly when the two of these can be combined while maintaining an ancient way of life and developing alternative revenue streams. Commercial beekeeping initiatives provide an alternative source of income to Segera’s local communities and help conserve the environment as trees with hives are unlikely to be used as a source of fuel.
Did you know? 
Traditionally, collecting water was a female role in the communities but with this workload being dramatically reduced due to the Waterbank School project , more girls can attend school and more women can become economically active. All of which helps with gender equality in traditional societies.
2021 GP Collective highlight ol jogi
Ol Jogi, an exclusive use characteristic “home”, embodies one of the most successful Conservation and Tourism initiatives in Laikipia. Their commitment to wildlife conservation is what they are most well known for, however, we particularly love that in addition to their successful wildlife management, Ol Jogi also hosts a primary school for all their employees’ children with student numbers currently sitting at an impressive 260 scholars. In addition, they have built and currently support a school in the neighbouring community, often donating computers, books for their library, writing materials etc. Ol Jogi also sponsors exemplary students with bursaries and scholar-ships to further their respective educations. We are touched by Bebina’s story, a journey of tragedy, pain, determination, success and inspiration.
Did you know? 
When one books Ol Jogi, you reserve the entire 58000acre Wildlife conservancy, this gives guests a rare level of privacy and freedom. Ol Jogi’s collection of museum-quality artworks, china & silverware also creates an ambience atypical of the more common offerings. Not only that, the entire profit generated from the stay is reinvested in their amazing conservation efforts.
2022 GP Collective highlight Helicopter lengishu

Lengishu is a beautiful and luxurious exclusive-use property and one of the country’s newest and most successful rhino sanctuaries. We love Lengishu for their commitment to sustainability and their dedication to saving every drop of water consumed on their property. They provide a great example of reminding us that water is our most precious life-giving resource! At Lengishu, water is sourced from two solar-powered boreholes, its purity enabling them to filter, bottle and carbonate on site, reducing the necessity of importing plastic bottles. They collect rainwater for irrigation and store it separately in a 300,000 litre tank, and all of the grey water is recycled. Their electricity is generated by their substantial solar farm and firewood for the evenings is collected from sustainable wood-lots on Borana Conservancy.

Did you know?
The exclusive use option at Lengishu House combines perfectly with our intimate Great Plains properties. Rates at Lengishu start from USD 1500 per person per night, offering excellent value, especially for small groups of friends or family! As the property is nestled into a ridge it offers stunning views across the Laikipia plains and deep into the Northern Frontier.
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Having just returned from a wonderful stay at Madikwe Safari Lodge, Lelapa in Madikwe, I feel I must share what makes this lodge such a gem. 

“Living in Johannesburg has always made Madikwe Game Reserve the easy choice of destination when wanting to enjoy a malaria-free, top safari experience. This last trip was nothing short of amazing. We had incredible wildlife sightings from the moment we drove into the park to the time we left. Our encounters were unrushed and wonderfully handled by our guide William. Having a family of safari lovers, we obviously made the most of every game drive, however, much to our delight, we realised that we did not need to get into a vehicle for an all day game drive experience. One of the most magical spots at Madikwe Safari Lodge Lelapa has to be their pool overlooking their very busy waterhole. We not only got spoilt to having lunch whilst watching baby elephants splash about but the food was truly some of the freshest, tastiest we have enjoyed yet. There was something for everyone without the fuss of constantly having to reaffirm dietary requirements. Madikwe Safari Lodge, Lelapa, is a great safari option for families with children as there is something to keep everyone happy. My favourite touches were the fireplace that was lit every evening for us, and the personal blackboard messages from our fairylike Housekeepers who made sure our rooms were warm and comfortable. A definite family favourite and we look forward to making this an annual family getaway”

Please contact our Safari Designers for any information on our preferred partners in this Collective edition.

Keeping the dream alive,
Eluisa Di Benedetto | Product Manager

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