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The Great Plains Collective – Issue 17

2023GP Collective Issue17

The Greatest Legacy we can leave our children is happy memories

We can all recall the freedom of our youth when we were outside all day, making forts, catching tadpoles and climbing trees. We were all explorers of some kind, even if just in our own gardens or neighbourhoods. We ventured, we discovered, and we might have even gotten lost, but we always returned wiser and more enlightened.
Safaris with children are much the same – a time to stimulate all the senses. Safaris open up a whole new world to us all, but for children that world is even more enchanting.
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Mala Mala Camp embraces children of all ages at the lodge and has the accommodation to complement their family offering. Upon arrival, the Mala Mala ranger who will be hosting the family during their stay will assess the age, enthusiasm and independence of the children and in collaboration with the parents and guardians, various activities will be offered.

Some of the activities available include; the tracking of various animals from their spoor markings; teaching children basic survival skills (where to find water, what plants are good to eat, medicinal uses of plants; teaching them about warning signs of dangerous animals and first aid for emergency situations in the bush.

Mala Mala likes to encourage participation and may teach children how to make a fire safely at a bush breakfast stop and also include them to be part of the meal preparation. Children are also given special meals and “ration packs” on the game drives. A firm favourite for most kids though is communicating on the Ranger radio on a game drive (outside of game drive times). Rest assured that children on Safari at Mala Mala will leave richer and fulfilled, longing to return. 

2021 GP Collective highlight Sabi Sabi

The Elefun Centre, a fully-fledged children’s facility within Sabi Bush Lodge, is the perfect destination for any child travelling with their parents on Safari in South Africa. Designed by childcare professionals the space is set out to be safe, fun and educational. Although arranged itineraries take place every morning and afternoon, children between the ages of 4 and 12 years are welcome to enjoy the facility throughout the day! They offer a flexible programme according to the children’s ages and interests and the ever-changing programme covers all areas of learning about the bush and also offers a wide variety of arts and crafts.

Did you know? 
Parents can relax and enjoy the incredible safaris, have a pamper session in the Amani Spa or just kick back and enjoy some private time, knowing that their children are revelling in their own special bushveld experience.
2021 GP Collective highlight groot bos

Children visiting Grootbos are considered important individuals with their own ideas and desires. Grootbos does a great job of understanding this and takes great care to keep little guests happy! At Grootbos the children’s activities are a combination of education and fun and are enjoyed in a wonderful natural setting. The tailor-made children’s program is about inspiring, educating and enthusing the children to make them curious about what is coming next and to ensure that they spend an exciting and interesting time at the reserve. At Grootbos children are catered for with special children’s menus, refreshments and snacks.

Did you know? 
Grootbos is a family-owned, family-run establishment. They, therefore, know exactly what families need and what makes them happy. There is something for everyone at Grootbos, from small children, to young teens and adults.
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Great Plains Young Explorers program is designed to enhance both a child and a family’s overall safari, weaving themes of conservation and culture into each fun activity with the intention of giving children tangible examples and moments to bring back to their peer group. The future of conservation is, after all, in the hands of these young ambassadors. We at Great Plains Conservation understand how families enjoy travelling. Our safaris are renowned for being flexible, from relaxed meal times to activities planned to suit the needs of each family. 

On arrival, each child receives a Young Explorers pack full of all that is needed for them to become Conservation Ambassadors. Their pack includes an activity book full of exciting information, including animal tracks, seTswana or Kiswahili vocabulary, facts on flora, fauna and stars, word games and a safari journal. Great Plains guides and staff seamlessly modify the level of activities according to age and interests. There is no set program or itinerary and experiences are made around their likes and dislikes.

Did you know?
Giraffes can sleep standing up and their tongues can be 53cm/21in long; their tongues are also blue. They chew on bones to get calcium! The name giraffe comes from the Arabic name Zarafa,which means ‘beloved one’.

Please contact our Safari Designers for any information on our preferred partners in this Collective edition.

Keeping the dream alive,
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