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The Great Plains Collective

The Great Plains Collective – Issue 18

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Being home to iconic mountain ranges, stunning natural wonders, thrilling landscapes and ocean vistas, Cape Town offers no shortage of adventures and experiences. The lifestyle of locals and visitors alike centres around the outdoors and nature. That being said, Cape Town is also known for its rich culture and history, culinary delights, robust wines, inspiring art and so much more.
Journey with us as we introduce you to our team of private guides in Cape Town who are ready to embark on many an adventure with your guests. 

2023 Gp Great Plains Private Guiding 1

Great Plains is collaborating closely with Josh Searle from SAFFA Tours to provide up-to-date and exciting experiences across Cape Town.

Josh has a formidable team of local Cape Town guides, each with unique expertise and personal styles of guiding. At the time of booking, they will appoint the best host for the touring itinerary so that guests receive personalized and thoughtful service throughout their stay. Guests can expect to be treated with genuine Capetonian hospitality, enjoy special sundowner stops and picnics, find hidden off-the-grid local hangouts and have the luxury of flexibility that will allow them to immerse themselves in what they love most: no rushing, no schedules and a fully inclusive offering.

The focus of the SAFFA team is to understand the needs of the guests and be able to adapt spontaneously, ensuring guests leave with unforgettable memories.

Click here for some information on the available tours with our team of private guides in Cape Town.

2023 GP Jarat transfers 1

Jarat Tours Cape Town ensures all our guests are transferred to and from Cape Town international airport in style, luxury and comfort. Not only do Jarat offer luxurious and private transfers, but they also provide bespoke and luxury vehicles with professional guides for all touring requirements in Cape Town. Their guides and drivers are professional and courteous and trained with the high standards that Jarat is well known for. Often referred to as the exclusive choice, Jarat in Cape Town is a reliable partner with 26 years of experience in the industry with an expert team on hand to assist at all times.

Did you know?
Jarat Tours are owners of a one-of-a-kind fully bespoke luxury sprinter. They spent two years customizing this beauty with every luxury you can imagine. Have a look inside their Mercedes Benz Ultra-Luxury Tourer!

2023 Great Plains Jarat Tours

Jarat Tours Johannesburg is our preferred partner for all our tours and transfers in Gauteng. Transfer from point to point or enjoy a private tour anywhere in Gauteng and be rest assured you are in good hands. Jarat Tours offers an extensive and premier fleet for guests to choose from. Their fleet of luxury sedans, minivans and 13-seaters are all equipped with air-conditioning and are synonymous with quality, comfort, luxury, style and safety. All Jarat vehicles are tracked by satellite from both a security and quality assurance perspective.

What do we love?
All their onboard amenities! Still or Sparkling bottled water, hot and cold refresher towels, daily newspapers, umbrellas, universal cellphone chargers, IPAD, music menu, weather reports, mints, hand sanitiser, facial spray, sunglass cleaner, tissues and sunblock. Anything additional can be arranged on request. (available in Johannesburg and Cape Town).
2023 GP Cape Pinisular Tour

Tara and I recently had the pleasure of touring the Cape Peninsula with Lloyd and Dan, two of our Private guides in Cape Town. The highlight of the trip was without a doubt the spontaneous picnic set-up that was laid out for us in the national park. A glass in hand, an assortment of delicious paninis and great conversation with views over the deep blue waters of the ocean. Another memorable moment was swimming at boulders beach with the penguins! This is a must-do in summer and I would encourage everyone that does this tour to take along a swimming costume. If you come prepared it allows you the freedom to really immerse yourself as opposed to being a penguin-watching bystander. Swimming near these cheeky-suited birds was much more fun. We were spoilt with delicious coffee and a pastry at Kalk bay whilst walking through the working kitchen of a local bakery whilst also enjoying the tunes of a gentleman playing the piano. We did not go to the typical tourist traps but did not feel we missed out on anything, in fact, our Cape Peninsula tour was perfect because of Lloyd and Dan’s quiet understanding of what made Tara and me happiest…. the best part is that we didn’t need to ask for anything, they day just unfolded as if they knew what we wanted before we even knew we wanted it. A special thanks to Lloyd and Dan for their warm hospitality and for sharing their intimate knowledge of the Cape with us.

Please contact our Safari Designers for any information on our preferred partners in this Collective edition.

Keeping the dream alive,
Eluisa Di Benedetto | Product Manager