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The Great Plains Collective

The Great Plains Collective – Issue 21

By 22 November 2023June 28th, 2024No Comments
2023GP Collective Issue21


The start of spring is a special time. The air undergoes a shift, almost as if you can feel it. It is magical to witness the sudden appearance of delicate blossoms on fruit trees overnight. The longer days and warmer sun rays on your skin are a welcome change. All of this hints at the promise of long and lazy poolside holidays. This month, we invite you to join us as we highlight remarkable pools with stunning views from our partners.

2023GP Collective Issue21 Collage

“Timeless” is the ideal word to capture the essence of Ellerman House. Situated in one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods along the Atlantic Seaboard, it comes as no surprise that Ellerman House provides some of the most unforgettable sunset experiences. Whether you’re reclining on a poolside lounger on the hotel’s main lawns or indulging in the privacy of one of the private plunge pools in Villa One or Two, guests can relish the opportunity to swim amidst panoramic 180-degree views of the expansive ocean. There’s nothing quite like taking a refreshing dip in the pool on scorching summer days in Cape Town, with nothing on your agenda except unwinding and enjoying the moment!

Did you know?
Ellerman House has its own unique song! Throughout its history, the hotel has consistently been a place where artists from various fields have found the inspiration to express their creative ideas. Musician Arno Carstens is one such artist who was inspired while staying at Ellerman House and composed a song dedicated to it. This song was released two years ago and takes us back to a time when we were yearning for the freedom to travel without restrictions.

2023 GP Collective highlight Leeu Estates

Leeu Estates offers guests the opportunity to rejuvenate in one of the most scenic locations. Leeu Spa by Healing Earth provides a selection of treatments that you can personally choose to create your perfect day retreat. We are particularly fond of the collection of Pinotage facial and body care products. This uniquely South African grape in the vinotherapy range harnesses the antioxidant properties of its seeds, skins, and stems for skincare that not only reflects the essence of the country’s winelands but also effectively guards against free radicals and the elements. And last but not least, the view from the Spa pool is truly amazing!

Did you know?
In August 2019, the Leeu edible garden initiative, known as #LeeuLocallyGrown, took root as a conscious effort to both reduce the Collection’s carbon footprint and cater to the growing demand stemming from their expanding restaurant offerings.

2023 GP Collective highlight Mashatu Euphorbia

Mashatu Euphorbia is a unique eco five-star luxury lodge woven with a strong conservation consciousness that permeates every aspect of the camp. The 8 secluded villas exude a sense of tranquillity. Each villa boasts a private plunge pool that is solar-heated and offers captivating views of the ravine below. One feature we particularly adore is the Nest. Perched on the cliff’s edge, this curved structure serves as the daily gathering spot where guests can savour their morning coffee while watching the sunrise. During high tea, it’s not uncommon to witness many antelope and elephants in the Majale River below.

Did you know?
The design inspiration for Euphorbia draws from the architectural form of the local Mopane pod. This design choice is rooted in the profound significance of the Mopane tree within the area, as it serves as the primary source of sustenance for all the animals during the winter months.
2023GP Collective Issue21 InsideScoop

Some of us recently suited up for a Hard Hat Tour of the Cape Grace at the waterfront in Cape Town. This is what the team have to say:

“Some of us were fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of one of the new rooms at Cape Grace, which has left us feeling very excited. The new style and decor is modern and sophisticated, there are more open spaces and brighter common areas. Overall, we believe the makeover is going to be amazing.

We are eagerly anticipating the next sneak peek of the work being done and cannot wait to see the final product. We are confident that Cape Grace will continue to be an iconic experience on the waterfront, and we are extremely proud to be one of their loyal partners in this journey of renewal and transformation. Cape Grace is keeping up with the times in this new chapter, and with much of the same staff in their roles, we are certain that the heart and soul of Cape Grace will remain the same. We would like to wish the Cape Grace team the best of luck with the rest of the construction!”

Please contact our Safari Designers for any information on our preferred partners in this Collective edition.

Keeping the dream alive,

Eluisa Di Benedetto | Product Manager