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The Great Plains Collective

The Great Plains Collective – Issue 22

By 22 November 2023June 28th, 2024No Comments
2023GP Collective Issue22


Flying provides a unique and exhilarating perspective, allowing us to see the world from a bird’s eye view. As we soar through the sky, the ground below transforms into a mesmerizing mosaic of landscapes, cities, and natural wonders. From the tranquillity of vast safari landscapes to the intricate tapestry of urban life, this aerial vantage point offers a profound sense of freedom and wonder. Whether through the window of a plane or helicopter, seeing things from above is a breathtaking experience that renews our appreciation for the world we call home.

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Steering a new era of sightseeing, Cape Town Helicopters offers a premium and diverse range of experiences in their cutting-edge fleet. Also known as “the hummingbird,” the Airbus H120 & H130 are at the forefront of eco-friendly aviation, leading the way in responsible tourism in South Africa. If you are looking for bespoke touches to any Cape Town itinerary, we highly recommend including a specially curated helicopter excursion. One of our favorite experiences would be the West Coast Mussels and oysters on the beach. Cape Town Helicopters has found a “boma” on the beach that serves a delicious spread. The Mussel and oyster beds are farmed right in front of the property, so they are noticeably in a league of their own. Under the care of hosts Kyle and Marti, we can guarantee that this is not your “standard seafood” offering. This experience includes the flight, the delicious meal of Mussels and Oysters, champagne (with some starters of bread & smoked fish), as well as soft drinks.

Did you know?
It is best to wear darker colours when taking pictures on a Helicopter scenic flight or experience. If you wear white it often reflects off the inside of the windows and can spoil that epic shot.

2023 GP Collective highlight mac air

Mack Air, Botswana’s first private commercial operator with scheduled and non-scheduled licenses, has expanded regionally. Since October 2022, they have partnered with South West Aviation to launch Zimbabwe operations connecting their Botswana network with a broader Zimbabwean network. Linking guests from Botswana to Zimbabwe has never been safer or easier. Their fleet includes 19 Cessna Grand Caravan EXs and 3 Cessna 206 Stationairs, prioritizing safety through a fleet-enhancement program since 2018. They have also gone green! With more effective engine design, they now achieve greater power with less fuel. The journey has never been so fast, quiet, and efficient. Their carbon footprint has been significantly reduced and they continue to strive to lessen its impact.

Did you know?
Mack Air have completed over 800 000 landings in the Okavango Delta alone!

2023 GP Collective highlight helicopter horizons

Helicopter Horizons offers some of the most epic scenic flights and experiences across the Okavango Delta. Something to consider adding at a minimal cost for that special extra touch is a surprise Champagne stop in the middle of the delta. We are happy to arrange a personalized handwritten note from you, which we will ensure is passed on to the Helicopter Horizons pilot. This note will be handed over to the guests mid-flight before descending to land on a small island for a pop, fizz, and a drink. This is a lovely gesture for all guests, but it’s especially thoughtful for those who are celebrating something special, such as a honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday. They offer many excursions and for an exhilarating transfer from Camp to Camp we recommend a doors-off flight for a true African safari adventure from the sky.

Did you know?
All Helicopter Horizon experiences are private and they guarantee guests a window seat.
2023GP Collective Issue22 InsideScoop

Tara Wagner and Tamara Potash recently went on an educational to Livingstone and Zimbabwe. Amongst the many properties they visited was the Royal Livingstone. This is what they have to say about their experience:

“After a 2-hour and 50-minute flight from Cape Town to Livingstone, we proceeded through the necessary formalities at Livingstone Airport, where we were warmly greeted by our friendly tour driver/guide from the Royal Livingstone. We were swiftly escorted to the transfer vehicle, which came equipped with air conditioning, refreshments, and Wi-Fi.
Upon our arrival at the hotel, the staff welcomed us with songs and dances, creating an atmosphere of excitement for the splendid three nights ahead. Shortly thereafter, Laura from Minor Hotels, our gracious host, welcomed us and guided us through the check-in process. We were then escorted to our rooms, which exuded a classic and elegant ambience, complete with a welcome note, appetizers, and a complimentary bottle of wine.
The three-day experience was truly phenomenal, including activities such as cocktail tasting, a sumptuous six-course dinner, a five-star dining experience aboard the Royal Livingstone Express train, a tour of the Falls on the Zambian side, a morning boat cruise, and the opportunity to observe zebras and giraffes during a live TV show. Two particular aspects that stood out were the private access to the falls and the surprising sense of being at home, even though it’s a fairly large hotel.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Great Plains for making this trip possible and express our immense thanks to the Royal Livingstone, especially Laura, for extending the invitation and allowing us to enjoy their exquisite property.”

Please contact our Safari Designers for any information on our preferred partners in this Collective edition.

Keeping the dream alive,
Eluisa Di Benedetto | Product Manager