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The Great Plains Collective – Issue 26

By 30th April 2024May 3rd, 2024The Great Plains Collective
GP Collective Issue zambia

Wild. Remote. Authentic.

Zambia is a destination with thriving wildlife, ease of airline access
and warm and welcoming people.

Great Plains Conservation has been building bonds of friendship over the last two years,
connecting, learning and getting inspired by Partner Product in Zambia.  
These partners now form part of our Great Plains Collective Family, a selection of
preferred Industry friends
, each one unique in their own way and able to enhance and add value to any Great Plains Safari itinerary.

We proudly introduce Zambia as a new destination within our DMC offering.
Meet our Zambian Partners.

GP Collective Issue Collage

The Time + Tide story celebrates passion and collaboration, uniting properties in Zambia to highlight their unique natural beauty.

Beginning in the 1950s with Norman Carr’s walking safaris in Zambia’s South Luangwa Valley, and continuing with the Liebenberg family’s Chongwe showcase in the 1990s, the story extends to their efforts to fulfill a dream of preserving this exceptional location. Zambia. Each site requires dedication to biodiversity protection and sustainable economic development to safeguard the natural heritage in the areas where their camps are located, namely, the Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa.

Time + Tide focuses on providing immersive tourism experiences in Zambia, collaborating with local communities, NGOs, authorities, and conservation organizations for long-term sustainability and preservation for future generations.

Their lodges in the South Luangwa include: Time & Tide Chinzombo, Time & Tide Mchenja, Time & Tide Kakuli, Time & Tide Nsolo and Time & Tide Luwi
Their lodges in the Lower Zambezi include: Time & Tide Chongwe Camp, Time & Tide Chongwe Suites, Time & Tide Chongwe House

Did you know?  Returning from a walking safari with Time & Tide, guests will often stumble upon a beautiful picnic set up outside their safari room overlooking the Luangwa River. This surprise offering is a wonderful way for guests to enjoy small moments while soaking up every element of being in these wild spaces.

The inception of The Bushcamp Company dates back to 1999, marking the consolidation of four distinct camps: the established Kuyenda and Chamilandu, along with the newer Chindeni and Bilimungwe, all unified under the single Bushcamp Company entity alongside the pre-existing Mfuwe Lodge. Subsequently, the fifth bushcamp, Kapamba, graced the banks of the Kapamba River in 2005, followed by the establishment of Zungulila upstream on the same river in 2008. Under the helm of Andy Hogg, a local Zambian, The Bushcamp Company is dedicated to ensuring that their camps and all other facets of tourism work together to support and sustain both the wildlife and local communities.
Did you know?  
In November, one can sometimes witness elephants walking through the reception at Mfuwe Lodge as they seek out the wild mangoes in the courtyard. The original matriarch began bringing her family through decades ago and the tradition has continued with second and third generations.
GP Collective highlight Bushmans Kloof
The Cummings Family Story is steeped in history and their dynasty driven by a passion to retain the authenticity of some of Zambia’s most pristine wildlife areas. Their commitment to Zambia is to bring a deeper appreciation and understanding to the Zambian people of the wildlife, habitats and landscapes that Zambia is blessed with, and their promise to their guests is that no effort will be spared to ensure that they get a Zambian safari experience of a lifetime! Their camps on the Lower Zambezi namely, Chiawa Camp and Ol Mondoro and their South Luangwa camps Puku Ridge and Chichele Presidential are renowned for their levels of service and attention to detail.
Did you know?
That Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro are Africa’s first carbon-neutral certified safari camps within Zambia and through an initiative with other camps in the area, have made the Lower Zambezi Africa’s first Carbon Neutral national park.
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Please contact our Safari Designers for any information on our preferred partners in this
Collective edition.


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