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The Great Plains Collective

The Great Plains Collective – Issue 19

By 25 July 2023June 28th, 2024No Comments
2023GP Collective Issue19


Do you happen to know how Nairobi got its name? The area Nairobi currently occupies was originally an uninhabited swamp before a railway line was built in 1899 linking Mombasa to Uganda. The name “Nairobi” comes from the Maasai phrase ‘Enkare Nyrobi’, which translates to “cool water”. Today, Nairobi is a bustling urban city, steeped in rich culture, heritage and history. It is a mix of various religions, traditions and local beliefs. When you visit Nairobi you will no doubt be enchanted by the warm and welcoming smiles and hospitality of the Kenyan people. Join us in this month’s edition of the Collective, focusing on all that Nairobi has to offer, from our preferred hotels to our list of suggested shopping spots and experiences.

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Great Plains Conservation offers transfers and touring in Nairobi in our very own fleet of high-end, luxury vehicles whilst being in the care of our friendly private driver guides. Journey with us as we take you through some of the experiences on offer that can be booked based on personal interests and tastes.


2023 GP Collective highlight shabalala

A delightful, cosy Cape Dutch House, Shagalabagala (aka Sheba’s Secret Garden) is located just outside of Nairobi in the quiet town of Karen. Guests can either use the property as a day room stopover or overnight in this snug, hosted home. The property can accommodate 2 adults, 2 children and a guide at any one time. If one overnights they will even throw in a chauffeured vehicle at one’s disposal. Shagalabagala is also a gin distiller and will gladly take guests on a distillery tour and tasting.

Did you know?
Shagalabagala is Swahili for chaos, disorder, mayhem, hodgepodge, mishmash, gallimaufry; all over the shop…a little like their proudly made “African Dry Gin”, a subtle elixir with the tiniest hint of Chaos…

2023 GP Collective highlight House of Waine 1

House of Waine is a family owned and run property and this is reflected in the name “Waine” which is made up of the initials of the family members. The property is centrally located in Karen, near some of Nairobi’s popular attractions such as the Karen Blixen Museum, and the Kazuri beads amongst others. House of Waine offers guests the perfect repose before heading off on safari or returning back home. With only 11 rooms, the experience lends itself to being a more a personalised and friendly boutique hotel stay.

Did you know?
House of Waine is the realisation of a generations-long dream that all started with the family’s Grandfather, an entrepreneur who started a “mkahawa” or coffee shop in Mwiria Village in Meru in the 1950’s.
2023GP Collective Issue19 InsideScoop

Tracy Bamber, our Chief Communications and Sales Officer, recently stayed at the Mount Nelson. This is what she has to say about her experience at this iconic hotel in Cape Town.

“From the moment we arrived at Mount Nelson, it was incredible. The team were truly welcoming with huge smiles which was a theme throughout our stay. Every staff member that we met was genuinely hospitable and made us feel like we were truly part of a magnificent home and family. The gardens are spectacular with so much on offer throughout the hotel catering for all ages. It was lovely to see people relaxing around the pool, tennis courts in use and children running around. In terms of dining options, you can choose from one of the amazing restaurants on-site or book at one of the many well-known restaurants on Kloof Street. “The Nellie” as she is lovingly called by the locals, is known for it is famous afternoon tea, and it certainly lived up to it. The ‘starter, main, desserts’ of the afternoon tea were delicious and I am still dreaming of their freshly baked scones with strawberries, cream and jam, it was all good carbo-loading for my Two Oceans ultra-marathon run a day later. We stayed in one of the beautiful cottages which were delightful, super comfortable and felt like a home away from home. The one thing that I would recommend is to stay longer. The Mount Nelson offers a wonderful destination stay in Cape Town, and I personally recommend having your guests experience this gorgeous property.” – Tracy Bamber

Please contact our Safari Designers for any information on our preferred partners in this Collective edition.

Keeping the dream alive,
Eluisa Di Benedetto | Product Manager